Being an Alumni

There is something strange and luxurious about returning to campus as an alumni. Being a senior was great, top dog and all. However, being a graduate means you are out of the rat race altogether and able to stroll around with a decided air of superiority. Veni, vidi, vici. You are  the conqueror and it is hard to avoid the feeling of ownership that comes with admiring your former domain. While all the current students run around with their head down because it is hell week and they have 3 essays, 4 finals, and an end of the year protect due, you can sit, admire, and in general luxuriate in a sense of irresponsibility. 

Maybe that is only for the first visit back. I don’t know; this was my first visit since I graduated a year and a half ago. I really did enjoy myself, though. The campus has been improved and the library is even more open and comfortable. It was great to see professors and staff members. When you graduate from a school as tiny as mine, returning makes you feel a bit like a celebrity. On the other hand, it also makes you feel somewhat forgettable when people give you blank faced smiles or walk right past you. 

Doesn’t matter, it is good to be an alumni. 


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