Organizing the Junk Drawer

I know this will come as a bit of a surprise, but I am something of a pack rat. (Stop laughing, Mom.) I’ve gotten waaayyyyy better as I’ve gotten older. However, even with my gutsy decision to throw out the dinosaur head I’ve never liked, I still have boxes and boxes of “junk drawers” in the basement. The junk drawer began when I was a kid for all the odds and ends that needed a home. Papers, notebooks, and knickknacks could be put in the junk drawer. And I have a lot of papers and notebooks and knickknacks.

My sister was ragging me about those “drawers” a few days ago (she was reading the book by that lady who says you should throw out everything that doesn’t bring you joy) and I snapped at her about it. However, her words sat in the back of my mind and, spurred by the need for a white elephant gift, I decided to organize them with an eye towards consolidation. 

I have now emerged, several hours later, with many white elephant gifts and not one consolidated box. But hey, at least I know where my marble collection is. 


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