Wisdom Teeth

Today I get my wisdom teeth out. Finally! I was supposed to have this done two years ago but a miscommunication in scheduling prevented it from happening. I’m torn between a sense of relief that I will soon have this over with and nervousness about the actual procedure.

You see, I don’t like the oral surgeon. He has no bedside manner. He told me I have protruding veins in my hand and that it will be easy to poke a needle into them. I think he meant it as a compliment. He also told me that I have large molar roots. I’m less sure if that was meant as a compliment. In either case, what girl wants to be told she has big veins and large roots? 

At least in a little while this will all be over and I can get down to the real business of lounging about for a few days while I heal up. I’ve checked out a whole stack of books and I’ve been saving a few TV shows I want to try. At least some good will come of this! 


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