more whining about my wisdom teeth 

I am starting to suspect dry rot. I know I have been going on about my wisdom teeth for several days now and I apologize…it isn’t that interesting. However, I haven’t had much else to occupy my mind and only recently have started reading. I called the dentist’s office and the nurse (?) person didn’t seem too worried about my continued pain. In fact, he assured me that since I was a little older, it was natural for me to have a longer recovery time. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. However, from what I have read about it, dry rot might fit the bill…though perhaps not explain why I was bleeding yesterday. 

I am back at the oral surgeon’s on Thursday so I guess I can find out for sure then. However, I really hope it isn’t. Being on this much pain meds makes me positively useless and work starts again tomorrow! 

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