Saying No

I have a problem with saying…no. My sister and I were at Cricket Wireless today because she was having issues with her phone and she wanted to get it checked out. While I stood there waiting, I reached into my pocket and drew out my own phone. Even as I was doing it, I sensed this was a bad idea. But what else do you do while you are waiting?

“EXCUSE ME,” said the sales clerk, “who is your carrier?” 

I look up in surprise. “Straight Talk.” 

“STRAIGHT TALK! GIRL. Straight Talk.” She looks horrified. “They are AWFUL.” She turns to the sales clerk beside her. “STRAIGHT TALK! They aren’t even ranked in the top 5 best carriers!” 

They both shake their heads and look at me with pity in their eyes. 

“Do you have $50 on you?” she asks. “I’ll give you a deal. You sign on with Cricket and…” out comes a list of deals and plans that would give me more data, “better” coverage, and a new phone for $5 more a month. 

I smile politely and try and tell her I’m perfectly satisfied with my current plan. 

“Let me see your phone,” she insists. I hand it over. 

“See look here!” she says, pushing buttons and poking it. “You aren’t even locked in! You can keep your phone, your number, and get all these great deals!” 

Again, I smile and try to signal that I am not interested. Again, I fail. 

“What is your name?” she demands. Having handed over my phone, I’m feeling irritated and unwilling to share that information. I ignore the question. Then I feel rude. Then I tell myself to stand firm. I won’t tell her my name. 

Throughout this she has continued her wheedling, mentioning deals and better coverage and disparaging Straight Talk. Finally, she turns to my sister,

Tell your friend,” she begins, “how amazing Cricket is.” 

My sister just shrugs. “She’s a grown woman. She can decide.” 

This goes on for several more minutes. It felt like an eternity, but it couldn’t have been more than 10. My sister kept giving me this look which clearly said, ‘decide already!’ And I had decided. I had researched all this along with her back when she chose Cricket and I’ve never had any reason to dislike Straight Talk. I’m perfectly happy with them. I won’t switch over. But I hate saying no. It really is a good thing I’ve never had to buy a car. 

“This deal is only going to last until…” begins the sales clerk…and with that my resolution firms. Oh no. I’m not going to be rushed into anything with those words. I reach for my phone and start walking towards the door. 

“Thank you…but not today.”

We finally leave after a few more minutes of cajoling and my sister rolls her eyes. “Why didn’t you just say no?”  

I don’t really have an answer. It was a good deal but I wasn’t changing my mind. I really, really thought I had gotten better about being firm! Maybe I can blame all the pain meds I have been on the past few days? 


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