Two Weeks Without Wisdom Teeth

Today marks two weeks without wisdom teeth. Knowing what I know now, it is ridiculous that the oral surgeon even mentioned that I could be back to work in 3 days. More like 3 weeks! 

However, slowly but surely I have been improving. I still wake up sore and usually need an ibuprofen but that is the only pain meds I take.  A part of my chin is still numb from where the oral surgeon hit a nerve but from what I’ve heard, that doesn’t go away. It makes me feel a little self-conscience because when I eat I convince myself there is food stuck there and I can’t feel it. I assume I’ll get used to it with time, though. 

Mostly I eat pudding. Pudding is a delicious snack and I’m totally okay with using the surgery as an excuse to eat more. I’ve decided my favorite is the chocolate vanilla mix. Best of both worlds. I may or may not have gone seriously overboard with my pudding buying this week. 

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