Some dental resolution

As some of you might recall, my dentist retired last year.  Because of this, even though I’ve had issues with my wisdom teeth, I haven’t really known where to go to get a second opinion. Today my Mom was scheduling her dental appointment at the office with the new dentist and mentioned my problem. Even though she has never met me, Dr. Harris gave me a call to talk through my continued pain and numbness. She also called the oral surgeon and told him to call me about it as well! I definitely didn’t expect such attention and I’m quite grateful for it. The oral surgeon called me after her and I finally got a little resolution. 

While there isn’t much I can do except continue taking ibuprofen, I did learn that the pain is probably muscular and should go away within a few weeks. The numbness should also fade in the next 6 months! While certainly not ideal, it is good to know that my discomfort isn’t totally strange and will eventually go away. Thank you, Mom, for bringing it up and Dr. Harris for doing follow up!

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