Cold Coffee

I know I am not an early riser. I used to be a morning person but college changed that. I like a good 9.5 hours of sleep, as those of you who frequently read this blog know. However, it occurred to me today that I probably should start getting up a little earlier. You see, the coffee is always cold by the time I get downstairs. 

Every morning one of my parents (I assume my Mom) makes a pot of coffee. There is usually a cup left for me by the time I get downstairs. However, it is almost always stone cold. I then microwave it and wallah, problem solved. But what is it saying that there is time in the day for my folks to be up, make coffee, drink coffee, and have that coffee turn ice cold before I wake up? And to give perspective – I’m usually up by 8! 

It is probably time I start getting up earlier. In fact, re-reading what I just wrote, I can’t help flinching at how much I sound like a Millennial. I know I am one but that doesn’t make the tendency any better. I’m definitely going to work on waking up to warm coffee. 


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