An Empty Office

“Isn’t it lonely being at the office by yourself?” 

If I have been asked that question once, I’ve been asked it ten times (which may not seem like a lot but actually is!) since my organization decided to let all the part-timers go.  I’ve thought about it often. 

Is it lonely being at the office by myself? Well, sometimes. Especially when I am there towards 7 or 8 o’clock at night and the growing darkness takes me by surprise, then it feels lonely. The garbage outside rattles and I’m convinced someone is breaking in and stealing the cardboard or something.  

But sometimes there are days like today. It was just me at the office and my neighbors only work Saturday mornings so I had the entire building to myself. In the quiet I asked myself, am I lonely? Heck no! 

It was actually really wonderful to have the place to myself. I got a lot accomplished. I played music. I relaxed. It was really nice. However, I wouldn’t want every day to look like this. I’d miss my volunteers and the noise and energy. In that sense, I guess it is lonely, but not unlike the days before the part timers left. There were days without people and days with people. 

Is the office lonelier? Maybe the answer is…there is so much work to do with the part timers gone, I haven’t had time to notice! 


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