Even when I know where I’m going, I don’t.

Today I made it all the way to Madison and back without a GPS! I know I’ve been making this drive almost every month for nearly 2 years, but you have to understand, directions aren’t my strong suit. Or my weak suit. Or really, in the suit at all. 

That said, my triumph today is tinged with embarrassment. I got on the highway towards Madison and drove for a good 5 minutes before it dawned on me that I was driving in the opposite direction of where I wanted to go. I was even looking for a specific exit and had been studying all the signs towards Milwaukee with great interest without it once dawning on me that I was not even pointed in the right direction.

It wasn’t that I was lost, per se. In fact, I’m rarely lost. I am, however, frequently turned around. Today was one of those days.


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