2017 Reading Goal: February

Since I find myself occasionally daunted by my reading goal of 170, I have decided to do a monthly “reading goal update.” I’m hoping this will help keep me inspired and on track. So what were my goals?

  • 170 books
  • 25 re-read books
  • Get my to-read list down from 960 to 900 (and keep it there!) 
  • Read some Plato, Aristotle, Augustine, and Aquinas

So far this year I have read, drum roll please, 30 books! That means I am currently 7 books ahead of where I need to be to stay on track for the year. However, since I haven’t begun tackling the Greek philosophers or early Church Fathers, I figure the lead won’t last long. The more books between me and the red, the better. 

As far as re-reading goes, I’ve only re-read 1 book but Goodread’s new re-reading option has me jazzed to read more, so I am not too worried. 

My to-read list is currently at 937. I’m rather proud of that. I might actually succeed at keeping it below 900 this year. 

I already noted the lack of Plato in my literary diet. I suppose I should start this part of my challenge soon.  

Overall, though, not a bad start, eh? 



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