A Break From Webtoons

Wayyy back in September I made a short little post about my “latest” obsession: Webtoons. Unlike many of my obsessions, Webtoons stuck and I faithfully followed and read the comics each week. I subscribe to around 56 webtoons though only about 30 get actively updated. 

At some point my Webtoons obsession slowed down. I stopped looking for new ones to add and I started un-subscribing from webtoons I wasn’t 100% enjoying. Time would pass between when authors updated and when I read. Finally, I stopped reading altogether. 

Forever seemed to pass. I would see the notifications on my phone and ignore them. Yesterday, though, I saw a misleading title and thought “Oh, ABY is done updating.” It wasn’t. “Maybe I’ll just finish that one.” I clicked on it, wondering how many months it had been since I last caught up…

3 weeks. It has only been 3 weeks since I quit reading. The moral of this story is that I’m really bad at measuring time objectively. 

In other news, it has been 3 days since I finished a book and it feels like it has been 3 years. Thank goodness the weekend is here, I need to read!


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