I went rummaging today with my Mom. The weather was gorgeous, perfect for going from yard sale to yard sale! I ended up buying a Chinese tea set and a small, silver tea pot. Considering we went to over two dozen rummages, I consider that impressive restraint. 

If you think about it, rummages are weird. We wander into peoples’ yards, and sometimes their houses, and look at their stuff. We dig through purses and knickknacks and paintings that have special meaning to somebody but not us. Then we bargain. We walk away shaking our heads because some people price their stuff too high (I saw a broken, plastic dollhouse today for $30), or smiling because others have “proper rummage sale prices.” It really proves the saying, “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” The woman selling the Chinese tea set I bought didn’t even know what the pattern was; she had never taken it out of the box. A friend had brought it back from China for her. I, on the other hand, foresee much use from this $3 purchase! There will be a new story for this set. 

I love the summer months for many reasons, and rummages are definitely one of them!


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