In search of iron

I have been feeling a bit anemic recently and am out of my multivitamins, so I decided to ask the Internet how to introduce more iron into my diet.

Me: “Food rich in iron.”

Google: “Liver.”

Me: “Besides liver.”

Google: “Chicken liver.”

Me: “Besides that.”

Google: *sulking now* “Tofu. Or beef liver!”

Me: “Tofu it is!”

I went to the store and bought a slab of firm tofu. Then, not sure what else to do, I grabbed a spoon and ate it like icecream.


I now have 3/4ths of a square of tofu in my fridge and am in the market for liver.

3 responses to “In search of iron

  • mirageshadowlance

    Broccoli, spinach, and steak are all rich in iron. As for the tofu, fry it up in a pan with bbq sauce and it will be somewhat descent.

    • holtfan

      Oooh, those all sound much better. Thank you!

      • mirageshadowlance

        Your welcome. My sister has anemia so I get the needing an iron rich diet. If you really want to try liver, pate is fine if you pair it with a sharp cheddar cheese and some honey on your favorite cracker.

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