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Citation Hulk

Forget Grammar Nazi. If Law Review has done anything to me this semester, it has turned me into a Citation Hulk. There I am, minding my own business, when I come across a legal citation. And I see a comma in the wrong place.

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Or small caps in a brief?

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Or, Lord forbid, something incorrectly italicized?

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I assume this feeling eventually fades. Right…? Guys…?

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Goodreads Choice Awards

Woo-hoo! 10th Annual Goodreads Choice Awards! Time to pick the best books published in 2018. 

I’m cool. I’ve read over 200 books this year. I like to think I keep on the cutting edge of what is being published. Except…apparently not. 

I recognize the titles, of course. My friends have been raving about Circe by Madeline Miller and My Year Of Rest and Relaxation by Ottessa Moshfegh. And hey! I totally borrowed Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis from my sister so it is like I read it. 

And how come My Plane Jane by Cynthia Hand didn’t make it in Best Young Adult Fiction? That book was great. 

I have not heard of any of these memoirs. 

Ah! Best of the Best. The winners from the past 10 years…all 170 of them. Now here is where my reading will really shine. I’ve read…12. 12 out of 170 of the most popular books from the last 10 years. Well, in my defense one of those books is Twilight: The Graphic Novel

Y’all, I need to read more. 

October 29th

Today was…challenging. It began with a dead alarm clock & missed meeting and most recently concluded with me cutting my tongue trying to lick the envelope on the absentee ballot my town sent back because my witness failed to put an address on it. Let’s say things didn’t get better in-between.

However, Facebook memories reminded me that October 29th is usually a great day! So here is a quick strolls through some fun memories:

1 Year Ago

I won the undying approval of my neighbor in church this morning by knowing all the words to How Great Thou Art. She introduced me to 6 different people as, “Amy, Who Knows All The Words To How Great Thou Art.”
I didn’t have the heart to tell her I actually just couldn’t find a hymnal so I closed my eyes and did my best!

2 Years Ago:

“BLT is back!!!” shout the Jimmy John’s employees and silently I wonder if I should have gone to Subway instead. 

3 Years Ago:

Bekah’s car rental…

No automatic alt text available.

4 Years Ago:

Article: Even More Terrible Things Are Happening To The American Girl Doll Brand Than You Thought

(Arguably not a happy memory because I love American Girl but memorable.)

5 Years Ago:

Someone put me in charge of directions for touring Bath, England. I believe I’m saying, “This is the middle of the circle.” 

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9 Years Ago:

is leaving for her SAT in VA! Goodbye peoples!

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(SAT would be Student Action Team. I did not travel to Virginia to take the Scholastic Assessment Test.)

The most unbelievable part of Frozen…

“The most unbelievable part of Frozen is that Elsa can run in her dress. And on ice! How does any Disney princess run…or get anywhere?!” – my sister while wearing her Elsa costume.


Today Bekah and I went back to our roots and canvassed all day with Americans For Prosperity. 

It was fun. Lovely weather, terrific GOTV survey, old friends. It made me miss working for AFP. Or more specifically, miss the possibility of it all. Of working full time and doing a job where every new projects holds potential. Of meeting new people and hearing their stories. Of creating memories. It was a season and like all seasons came to an end. But I miss it!

And I’m glad for days like today where I get to go back out and volunteer. (All the fun, none of the pressure.)

Movie Night With the Siblings

“Mom and Dad aren’t home! What should we watch?’

“Let’s pick something dark and scary! Maybe Gotham.” 

“Yeah! Mom doesn’t like those shows or movies. Netflix has all the Halloween movies out. Great timing.”

“Or we could watch a kid’s movie. Parents aren’t home to judge us.”

“That’s true! Disney movie? Mickey Mouse’s House of Villains?”


“Monsters vs Aliens!” 

“Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem.” 


30 minutes later, Mom walks in. “What are you watching? You always watch lousy TV when I’m gone.”

The Whistling Bus

The eerie, whistling noise coming from the bus as it pulled up to the stop was my first clue that this would not be a normal bus ride. The fact that no one else seemed perturbed by it was my second. 

For a solid half second, I thought about waiting for the next one. Then I remembered I was already running behind. I climbed on board. 

A passenger was angrily talking to the bus driver: “Why you texting and driving, man?” 

The bus driver, equally loud, denied the charges. The passenger pulled out his cellphone and threatened to call his boss. The bus driver objected. The angry tones turned to yelling. They spilled outside and looked close to coming to blows. Another passenger stepped in to stop them. 

The bus driver climbed back in. He drove to the next stop, climbed out, and called someone. 5 minutes passed. Then he got back in, drove to the next stop, got out, and took another call. Another few minutes passed. Throughout, the eerie, whistling noise continued. 

Finally, right before we reached the school, he pulled over and shouted, “Everybody out! I’m not going any farther.” 

And so a baffled bus-load spilled out onto the street and, if any of them were running as late as I was, off to urgently find another ride. Thankfully, that was my stop and I barely made it to class on time. 

The moral of the story: if the bus is whistling, don’t get on it.

Legal Nerdiness

“Ohio’s Supreme Court is definitely signaling an end to administrative deference! At least, they mentioned in a concurrence that they’d be open to exploring the matter more. That’s how Wisconsin ended administrative deference. With a concurrence in another opinion. And Missouri just recently ended their deference, too, though I’m not sure how they got there. I should look into it. It wasn’t a huge break for them. They’d been inching that way for a while. But they did emphasize separation of powers concerns which totally fascinating because Wisconsin did as well.”

I’m gushing. 

My fellow law students are less impressed. Even the ones that like Administrative Law. They smile politely and mention the weather. 

I blame my bubbling enthusiasm on the fact that my boss is out of town on vacation. I can’t walk into his office and gush to my fellow administrative law nerd! But really, this is fascinating stuff. Law in action! 

Fashion Advice from the Homeschooler In My Head

It took me twice as long to get dressed this morning because the homeschooler in my head felt particularly opinionated today. To give her credit, she really had three main goals and all were perfectly unobjectionable: (1) feel pretty, (2) be comfy, (3) keep warm.  

The law student in my head only emphasized one main goal: look professional. 

You’d think the two generally compliment each other, but you’d be wrong. I started by choosing a very fun, full skirt and leggings. So far, so good.

The law student then started considering light sweaters, lacy tank tops, and high heels to compliment it. The homeschooler protested. I’d freeze to death dressed like that. Better put on a hoodie with the skirt. And maybe a t-shirt. Plus, while I’m at it, why high heels? Tennis shoes are much more practical and comfortable.  

I mostly ended up listening to the law student today, but I won’t lie. A hoodie and tennis shoes sound amazing right now. 


My family once again supplied me with a fantastic post idea 😉 I wonder if this is true? 

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