Crazy Excited Aunt Status

Me: * bursts into apartment complex leasing office * “Has anyone turned in a set of keys?”

Front desk ladies: “Nope!”

Me: “It was a long shot. I lost mine and need to catch a bus in 10 minutes but I san’t find them anywhere!”

Ladies: “We can lend you a set for the weekend.”

Me: * GASP * “Would you? You see, my nephew was just born and I want to go meet him.”

*beaming smiles all around*

Ladies: “Just one moment!”

Me: “He was over 9 pounds!”

Polite smiles. 

“And he’s the first grandchild on both sides.”

Interest visibly diminishes. 

“And there are 9 aunts and uncles! He’s going to be so loved.”

Forced smiles slip. 

“And I can’t wait to meet him but I have to catch this bus to get to the other bus stop to make it in time…”

Ladies: “Here are your keys!” 

Unspoken: Please leave now

Me: * runs around some more *

* catches bus * 

Me to bus driver: “So I’m going to go meet my nephew…”

Interest visibly diminishes.

Me: “He was just born. Over 9 pounds!”


Maybe next time I will bring pictures to show them all 😉 


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