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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, peoples! Thank you for being part of my 2018. 😊

New Years Resolution

[Sorry for those who saw this cross posted on Facebook. I have been writing all day and feel uninspired.]

Brain: So, what’s the New Years Resolution this year?
Heart: Read more books.
Brain: Right, that was the resolution last year. We definitely accomplished that. Let’s try something harder.
Heart: Read 300 books.
Brain: Um, that seems excessive. What about learning a new language, or keeping the sock drawer organized? 
Heart: Books.
Brain: You know, I think that was our resolution two years ago too.
Heart: Books.
Brain: And probably the year before that. And the year before that. Heck, have we EVER had a different resolution?
Heart: Read all the books.

…Well, I tried.


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Care Packages and Friends Far Away

I have not taken the transition from “working adult with paycheck” to “student with no paycheck” well. I miss the freedom and flexibility consistent money brought. I especially miss random trips to visit my friends far away. 

My best friends have always lived far away from me. In high school, they stretched across the United States. Now they stretch across the world. I often complain about the isolation of Madison, but I have never  consistently lived near my closest friends so I suppose it is an odd thing to say. I think the reality of the isolation, however, is that I can’t visit them like I want. Or even pretend I am going to visit them. And also I feel like I’m always talking about school…

But despite my limited scope of conversation (or because of it?), my friends have really been amazing at sending packages in the mail to remind me I am loved.  From care packages shipped from Montana and North Carolina to Christmas gifts from Tennessee and Korea to visits from Iowa (and even friends in Wisconsin), I am reminded how loved I am. 

This isn’t as eloquent a post as I would like, and it doesn’t even begin to touch on how much my family has done for me this year, but I want to give a fervent thank you to my friends near and far. Being a law student is hard and not fun, but I am reminded daily of the network of people who care about me and who will continue caring regardless if I live near or far. I love and miss you all! Thank you for making 2018 a year worth smiling over.

Buying E-Books

I like books as much as the next girl (probably more) but I hate spending money. Thus, I love my local library. I love accessing e-books and not getting fined when they end up overdue. We’ve got a great relationship, the library book app and I. 

But I have a Kindle now and my brother gave me a gift card to fill it with books. So happily I sat down to compile a list of books I wanted to buy (mostly not available at my library) and went to purchase. 

But I hate spending the money. Even if it is gift card money. It is soooooo hard to convince myself that I need books over…over anything else. My heart starts racing. My blood pressure spikes. I internally start screaming. 

$3! You just spent $3 on a book. You probably could have gotten it for free at the library. What do you mean you need reading material for Thailand? Figure out something else! Ahhhhh! $3 indeed. 

I do not know if I should treat this like a band-aid and buy them all at once and get it over with, or slowly buy books and prolong the stress. The thing is, if I were at Goodwill I wouldn’t stress about spending $3 on a book. Maybe it is different because I can’t hold it in my hand and see where the money went. 

2018 Reading Goal (Update)

We’re hitting my favorite time of the blogging season! The part of the year where Larry comes out and sings a silly song.

No wait, that’s not it.

It is the part of the year where I review the best and worst books of 2018!! And with 255 books complete, you better believe I have a lot to say. I did not have a list of ‘Mind Blowing Books’ last year, but no worries, you’ll get a good one this year. 

However, this is actually an update to say…you’re going to have to wait. I have a major paper to finish and 4 scholarship application essays to edit in 3 days. Then I’m packing up my apartment and getting ready to move. My goal is to slowly write the majority of my Best and Worst book posts over the next few days and then schedule them while I’m on a flight to Thailand. That way, you won’t miss a day of me! 

Between the books and travel, stay tuned, things are going to get good! (And also, thank you all for tolerating these very brief posts over Christmas.) 

Favorite Hunger Games Memes

This post is in honor of my cousin, Ella, who just finished reading the Hunger Games. Enjoy 😉



And let’s not forget Peeta’s love of bread.




Bonus Round: <Spoilers>


Card Games and Christmas

Merry Christmas!!

I gave my sister the game Marrying Mr. Darcy for Christmas. We played it today and it was so much fun!!

All the laughter and fun! Highly recommended. 

Merry Christmas Eve!

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas Eve! My brother, sister-in-law, and nephew came over. My brother gave me a book! I can’t remember the last time someone in my immediate family gave me a book. (Understandably because they think I have a lot of books and I don’t provide lists of books I want. But still. It makes receiving one that much more special!) 

Shopping Trip Addendum

Today my Dad and I hit over 10 stores finishing Christmas shopping. At least 6 of them involved me looking for camisoles (for myself) and leaving with nothing. But Dad was kind enough to stand there on his phone like a teenage girl while I looked! It was a fun afternoon and I think we’re just about ready for Christmas! 




A Tale of Two Shopping Trips

Christmas shopping with my brother Sam:

You enter the store and go immediately to the department with the Item you decided to purchase before walking in. You spend all of 3 seconds verifying it is correct. Then you check out. No turning to the left or right. 

Christmas shopping with my brother Elijah:

Me: “Elijah, you are coming Christmas shopping with me.” 

Elijah: “Okay.”

Me: “OH! I wanted to look at that…Can you believe someone made this? And people buy it! Oh look at that shirt over there! Do you mind if we swing by shoes? We should check out the toy section for options. LOOK. $5 DVDs. Ahahahaha look at that pillow case! Let’s go back by t-shirts. I want to look for this bizarrely specific thing…YOU KNOW WHO WOULD LOVE THIS? Do you need a present for…? We should go back to that other department….”

*Meanwhile, Elijah calmly follows me everywhere and doesn’t complain once*