Tea at the Mall

I have now been to a couple of Bangkok’s massive, multi-story malls and many of them come with a Twinings tea places. It looks like a super fancy coffee shop, but just for tea. And not just any tea, but fancy people tea. 

I decided to treat myself today.

The lady gave a tight smile when she saw my jeans and t-shirt but let me in. (Everyone else looked like they were millionaires out for brunch, even at 4 in the afternoon.) Her smile looked even faker when I ordered the large tea pot. (Like those silly single-size pots give you more than a cup or two!) I then settled in and enjoyed the royal treatment.

No, seriously, every time I set my tea cup down someone appeared to refill it. I could easily do it myself as the pot sat six inches from my hand. Either the staff was very well trained, very bored, or very embarrassed by me and hoped to get me through my tea and out the door fast. 

I enjoyed it immensely, however. Nothing like a proper tea to boost morale! 

Image may contain: coffee cup and food

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