Taco Bell

What’s better than fake American-Mexican fast food in Thailand? 

Well, just about everything, truth be told, but my friend and I could not resist swinging by on our way back from church today. 

It is a much, much, much more limited menu than I am used to and everything comes spicy already. But it was good! Salty and spicy and different from any Taco Bell I’ve had in the States, but worth trying. 

They gave me (the obvious Westerner with low spice tolerance) one sauce packet and my friend (who can pass for a Thai) two sauce packets. (We run into little thing like this frequently, but usually it is panhandlers or taxi drivers only approaching me and ignoring her.) 

These packets are big compared to their American counterparts…and only come in one kind:

The funniest part of Taco Bell was this sweet old lady surrounded by (presumably) her kids and grandkids. They all looked so wholesome and happy with their inter-generational meal that I felt like I walked into a Taco Bell commercial or something. 

On a somewhat unrelated note but on the topic of weird food, today I tried this:

The first sip is all “Hmmm, Coca Cola” and then you get the aftertaste and your brain is like “Coffee?????” 

Very weird. Don’t see it becoming a hit in the States. 

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