So…Who Am I? And Why Korea?

It occurred to me that as my network of readers expands, a lot of stuff I take for granted that you all know about me…you might not actually know about me. 

So, hi! My name is Amy. I am an American and I spent the last five-ish months studying abroad in Thailand. I like books, black and white movies, and blogging every day. Back home I am a semi-sensible law student with a perchance for over-committing to everything that strikes my interest. Which is most things. 

Over the next few weeks I am going to be sharing about my trip to Busan, South Korea. And it was amazing! It lived up to my impossibly high expectations. I love Korean dramas, Korean pop music, Korean food, traditional Korean clothing, the Korean language….and now South Korea itself!

I hope you enjoy walking through these memories with me! Let the fangirling begin! 

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