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Anna B-Dayyyyy


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So, it is that time of the year again…WHEN MY SISTER TURNS A YEAR OLDER!!!!!!!!!!

 To be honest, though, this is a day that should be celebrated every day and not just on her birthday because my sister is AMAZING and I feel grateful every day for her. 

But today I am EXTRA-grateful for my awesome, funny, fabulous, smart, hard-working, creative, inspiring little sister. 

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Talking About Thailand (With My Prof)

For those of you who followed this blog over the last 7 months, you know Thailand was not everything I expected. It was hard. The school did not run a great program. I never got WiFi or library access. Classes ended in May but my last final was due July 25th.

I tried explaining all this to my professor who runs the program. In fact, I wrote a list before meeting with him so I would make sure he knew exactly what I experienced. 

It went something like this:

Me: “It was very challenging. They would change the classroom without warning, cancel class randomly, change the schedule often….”

Prof: “Sounds like a very challenging experience. But what a great opportunity to experience Thailand!”

Me: “Yes, traffic was terrible. Taxi drivers constantly cheated me. My friend also studying abroad would compare notes with me, but since she was originally from Thailand, she did not experience half of what I experienced.”

Prof: “But it sounds like you made friends!”

Me: “I made, like, three friends.”

Prof: “What an opportunity for growth! So glad you had a good time.”

Me: “I did not have a good time. It was very challenging.”

Prof: “But you got to see lots of Thailand, right?”

Me: “It was very hard to schedule times to travel because the school kept changing when classes were.”

Prof: “Isn’t that just like Thai culture? What an experience. So, what kind of student should we send next?”

Me: “One that can somehow deal with the constantly changing schedule and still be organized enough to keep track of when things come due because no one will them. I don’t think you’ll find that person in law school.”

Prof: “Great! I will be sure to put them in touch.”

…I tried.

My Books

For the first time since my early teens, my books no longer reside in my parents’ basement. 

What an exciting thought!

My Mom and brother kindly pitched in and moved all of them to the mini-van yesterday. I then moved all 16 plastic totes into my apartment. It took an hour and fifteen minutes. I then promptly slept 12 hours and probably would have slept more given the chance. I am so sore today. 

But all my books are all in one place! And once student loans kick in, I’ll go out and buy bookshelves. Until then…I guess they’ll just remain strewn about the apartment. But still. My books are in one place. Exciting stuff!

(I appear to own a lot of Agatha Christie. And at least 3 versions Shakespeare’s completed works. Can’t wait to discover what else I own!)

Volunteering at Church

As the oldest of five children, I’m used to doing things first. People meet me first. I get involved in activities first. It is part of who I am. When my siblings come, they are “Amy’s siblings.”

The older I get, however, the less this is the case. Nowhere is this more apparent than where my family goes to church. All my family is super involved and my Mom works there. Maybe I am now better known than the brother who lives an hour and a half away. But for the most part, I’m Anna/Bethany/Elijah’s older sister or the missing eldest daughter of my parents. 

Today my Mom needed an extra volunteer so I filled in. It was entertaining. I look like my Mom; I don’t look that much like her. But people still did a double take when they saw me. Uncertain smiles, hesitant nods as if trying to place me. 

One lady I’d never seen before exclaimed, “You look so much like your Mom! It threw me off.”

Another lady inquired after my Dad. My Dad? Or my grandpa? Who knows!

And so, though I go to church regularly when I’m home, I slip into my uncertain role as the Family Member No One Quite Knows. 

Library Love

My Dad handed me his library card today and asked me pick up an audio book for him. As I am still missing mine, I decided to take full advantage of it and got ten books for myself. Plus five audio books for him because who needs one when you can have five.

And you know what? It was so much fun. As I walked out of the library, I felt nearly giddy with excitement. It wasn’t any particular book or even that notable of an experience. But the library is still the best place ever and I love walking out of there with more than I can carry. 

I just love books.

My Amazing Mom (and the new apartment)

The best part of my new apartment is the size. The worst part is…everything else. 😉

In more seriousness, I’m pretty sure the previous owner never cleaned. And maybe not the owner before her either. The place overall is just old and beat up and the landlord did nothing to freshen up the place. (I’m skeptical if it was even vacuumed, much less carpet cleaned like I was told it would be.) 

My amazing Mom used her half day yesterday and her day off today to help me deep clean it. Over 7 hours of work today and we still didn’t finish everything. But…it looks better than it did! 

Many thanks to my Mom! The place wouldn’t look a tenth as good as it does now without her!

“Normal” Amount of Posts

As I mentioned in an earlier post or two, part of my job at work involves updating the Foundation’s blog. I actually quite enjoy it. But I realized, the fact that I blog on Fernweh’s Call every day has given me a skewered perception of what is “normal” for a healthily updated blog.  

For example, my work’s blog is accessible through the website and the website lists the most recent 8 or so posts with links to get there. I seriously over-analyze how recent those 8 posts should be. Is it okay to have one from May? Should they all be June and July? Or just July? Can July have a few more posts than June? Or should I evenly space out posts so I don’t post more than 4 a month? 

But when you are used to writing 30-31 posts a month, 4 sure seems weak! 

I think I am going to go stalk all the organizations like us and see how often they post.

Elijah Comes Homeeeeee

My youngest brother has been on a mission trip for the last 10 days in Costa Rica. And I know in the big scheme of things, 10 days go by super fast. But it feels like he has been gone forever

And he comes home tonight! (Well, technically, flight delay means after midnight so he comes home tomorrow. But it is basically tonight.)

He’s been missed! It is one reason I’m back home after moving all my stuff into my apartment yesterday. I want to hug him ASAP! 

Moving Day

Today was moving day! Or, moving night, technically. Evening.

It didn’t get off to a great start.

My Dad drove my van and it died on the way to Madison. That left me with only one minivan. Traffic was terrible. I meant to pick up pizza before my friends arrived to help me move but couldn’t get to that part of town and back to unlock my apartment in time. 

Everyone ended getting caught up in traffic so we didn’t actually start moving till 7. It took about 2 hours to get everything moved. It took about 10 minutes for my mood to go from Stressed to Joyful. 

My friends were awesome. I’m so grateful for their flexibility and kindness. They rolled with everything and quickly had me laughing. I’m looking forward to being back around them! 

Cooking with my Sister

I’ve been known for my odd cooking choices. But my sister is always finding quirky recipes! So you’d think we would blend some way, wouldn’t you? 

This is how mac n cheese went.

Me: “If we don’t have milk, we can use the coconut milk.”

Sister: “Gross.”

Me: “It will make it sweet! Then we add kimchi. Sweet and spicy.”

Sister: “Rejected.”

Me: “You know what we should mix with this butter? Onions!”

Sister: “No.”

Me: “Oh yeah, our mac n cheese needs onions and kimchi…maybe some garlic…” 

Sister: “Someday, you’re going to have your own restaurant and serve all this weird food that no one else would think to try. And no one in your family will go.”