Talk Radio (AKA I Am Becoming My Dad)

As a kid, I hated talk radio. Loathed it. I could not imagine anything worse than listening to to angry old men shout at their producers for hours on end. Silence ranked above it. I could not understand why my Dad listened. 

I understand now. You can only listen to the same 12 songs on K-Love so often before you do something desperate. 

The mini-van I drive every day lacks a working CD player so that leaves the radio. And as noted above, I can only take so much of the same music. My phone isn’t smart enough to play podcasts (what my friend calls “Millennial Talk Radio.”)

So, talk radio it is. And honestly, it isn’t so bad. I feel like it gets me thinking. I also enjoy the novelty of listening to something different but well-crafted and articulated each morning/evening. It wakes up my brain and engages me in topics ranging from local road conditions to women’s soccer to national politics. 

Talk radio always seemed to be something conservatives in Wisconsin politics relied on, but I never quite understood. I think I get it now, though. We’re a state of commuters. 

And you can only listen to the same songs so often before the guy on AM radio sounds like a better idea.

I guess my main point is…I think I am sorry, Dad, for all those years of thinking you were crazy? Also, help, I’m turning into my Dad. 

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