‘Is This Your Watermelon?’

I did the grocery shopping for my family today and decided to get a watermelon. My cart, however, was pretty full and so I stuck it underneath: a risky move. 

I kept staring at it as I walked around Wal Mart, making it sure it wasn’t about to fall out. Wal Mart rearranged while I was in Thailand so it takes twice as long to find anything. The cereal is in the swimsuit section and bacon is now by bagels. Totally confusing. 

So, it took a while. But the watermelon did not fall out.

Triumphantly I exited Wal Mart, loaded down with groceries, when I heard…

“Excuse me, is this your watermelon?”

I look and sure enough. My watermelon decided to make its escape…halfway across the parking lot. 

I ran after it, managed to avoid getting hit by a car, and brought it home once again triumphant in my success. Only to realize…we already have half a watermelon in the fridge.

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