Monthly Archives: August 2019


My Dad and I went to Wendy’s today. We went inside. I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted so initially I did not mind when no one came to take my order, even though I was standing first in line and right next to the register. But after a significant delay, even I began to notice that no one was coming. I could see the employees putting together orders. Just no one came!

Eventually someone noticed the long line growing behind me. Another employee stormed over, shouting over his shoulder as he did: “I have to do EVERYTHING here!” 

He took my order with ill-will. I ordered my meal to go. 

The first person who noticed the line, a manager perhaps, walked over. The employee who took my order kept loudly complaining.

The manager began placing my food on a tray for dining in. I tried catching his eye to mention I was to go. I even said, “Excuse me…” a few times. He could not hear me over the employee. 

Finally, I spoke loud enough and pointed out I was to go. He looked at me blankly for a moment, picked up my fries, and tossed them in the trash.

Then he threw my chicken nuggets in the trash. 

I must have looked shocked. He just shrugged and mumbled something about it being on the counter. Then he got me all new chicken nuggets and fries. 

Meanwhile, the first employee continued his running commentary. “You see? You shout for sour cream, no one does anything. I have to go get it. No one does anything here…”

Employee of the week, that fellow. 

Spoiled Palate

Today my friend and I went out for lunch and I made a horrifying discovery. Thailand spoiled my palate for seafood! 

Or at least, mediocre seafood. 

We ordered shrimp dumplings and ramen with seafood. My friend enjoyed it all. None of it tasted good to me! It tasted frozen, fishy, and not like it came straight from the fisherman!

Because, duh. I live in Wisconsin. Not a coastal city famous for its seafood. 

I suppose I’m pleased to see my tastes improve beyond that of a teenage boy. But it sure feels impractical. I’ve been spoiled! 

TA Training

I am TAing this coming semester for an undergrad class! It is a very exciting opportunity. I have no idea what I am doing. 

I read the handbook very carefully and it said TA training would take place today and gave a building. I asked the department I am in for more specifics. They didn’t know anything more either. 

But it said all day training so I took off work today and showed up at the building. All for nothing! If the training did take place, they hid it well. I wandered around the entire place and found nothing. 

Which is fine and all, but I still have no idea what I am doing. 


I finally have WiFi at my apartment. It is like freedom! Not that it will change much of what I do. I plan to post this, find the book I started last night, and finish it. Then go to sleep.

But the fact is, if I wanted to watch a movie, or hang out on Facebook, or anything else…I could!

Artistically Minded

I am not artistically minded. Anyone who saw my old apartment could tell you this. I hung no pictures; my furniture theme is “free to me”; and I usually cover it all with layer of books and papers anyway.

I have lived in my present apartment over a month now with generally the same results.

My sister, who is moving in with me, is quite another story. She came to drop a few items off. Within a few hours, she transformed the built in shelves into an adorable display of fake flowers and pretty decorations. Our living room now has a Color Scheme. (Pale pink.) My couch is threatened. (“It is so ugly!”) And my stuffed Captain America has been banished. (He does not match the theme.)

I must say, the place looks vastly better. I knew there was a good reason for having her move in!

Libby App

My library has an app that allows access to audio and e-books. I love it. But for one reason or another, I never switched my account from my old phone to my new one. I did so this weekend.

And lost all the books I had on hold! Some I had been waiting months for. Most inconvenient.

But perhaps more inconvenient, some of the new books I put on hold immediately came in and now I have to find time to read them!

Happy Summer Memories

Some days I stare at my computer and wonder what the heck to write about. (If you ever wonder which days those are, look to the ones where I talk about books. Books are my inevitable go-to for inspiration.) Other days, I seem to drown in things to say. As this happens to be one of those days where I cannot seem to pick which thing to settle on, here are three happy summer memories that occurred over the last few days:

  • I got to see Ginnie and her kids. Ginnie and I have been friends since high school (maybe middle school in my case) and I am always grateful to see her. Old friends who continue to stick around are some of the best people out there. And if she was not enough, Ginnie has 3 adorable children! We took them to the Madison’s Children’s Museum and had a lovely time. I highly recommend the place. 
  • Friday night I saw my nephew AND went to a neighborhood bonfire! Both proved super fun. One of the neighbors is my age and also entering her 3L year of law school. It is always fun to compare notes and bemoan our life decisions. 
  • Finally…I attended a birthday party for my  cousins! I got to see family and celebrate three of my amazing cousins (plus my brother) last night. They all continue to age at a rapid pace. Delightful company and food…what is not to love?