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A Decade of Change

The last decade saw me from my sophomore year in high school to 3L year in law school! 

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What a fun adventure it has been! Thank you all for being part of it ❤ 

~ 2019 ~

As 2019 ends, I feel like I am recovering from a marathon. What a year it has been! Between international travel, TAing, and commuting 3 hours a day this summer, I packed in quite a bit. And I am tired. But at least it wasn’t as bad as Fall 2018! I never want to live through that kind of stress again.

The big adventure of 2019 was obviously Thailand. What a mixed bag that trip turned out to be! I am finally far enough away to feel grateful for all the lessons learned and people met during those tumultuous five months. I especially appreciate the continued friendship of the church family I met there. Yet I am close enough to still feel a stab of panic when thinking about my trip. I mostly blame Thammasat University and their total lack of structure. But small children cursing me out in the street sure didn’t help. Thankfully, I made it through because of some awesome people!

Then I came home and got a job in Madison while living at home and commuted 3 hours a day. The job I loved. I am incredibly grateful for all the opportunities to learn and the many facets of running a non-profit foundation I got to take ownership of. But the drive was not fun! And the gas mileage on my mini-van left much to be desired!

Finally, the start of my 3L semester where I juggled being a full-time student, working a part time job, TAing, and law review! The highlight was a trip to Virginia to watch one of my best friends get engaged. And I got to visit another friend in Minnesota!  

It was a year of ups and downs and right-arounds! Here’s to a (hopefully) more level 2020!

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Miss Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries

I’ve been a fan of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries for years so when I saw they were making a spin-off TV show set in the ’60s about her niece, I knew I had to watch it! 

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It does not disappoint. Peregrine Fisher might lack some of her aunt’s polish, but she makes up for it with pizzazz. Joining her is Detective James Steed and the members of the “Adventuresses’ Club.”

The “Adventuresses’ Club” lacks some development (despite many members, only 3 people play a relevant role at any given time) and Detective James Steed is no Detective Jack Robinson (but then again, who is?). Despite this, the show is engaging and the mysteries varied and interested. I definitely recommend giving it a shot if you enjoy Miss Fisher. 

I only hope there will be more than 4 episodes! 

Marrying Mr. Darcy

Last year I bought my sister the game Marrying Mr. Darcy. This year my brother bought her the Marrying Mr. Darcy Undead Expansion Pack. 

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10/10 definitely recommend. (And not just because I won playing as Mary Bennet 😉 ) We played with our cousins and it was SO MUCH FUN! 

All. The. Books.

So, I started writing end of the year reading recaps in 2013. That year I hit 179 books. This year I hit…a few books more than that.

So much more, in fact, I have spent the past few days writing end of the year 5 and 1 star book posts. 15 of them.

I kind of feel like apologizing in advance. This blog is about to become all books all the time for two weeks straight. I’ll probably schedule them for the first two weeks of January so nothing imminent. But be warned. 

They are coming. 

The Rise of Skywalker

No spoilers. 

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My Mom did not realize I was a Reylo shipper. My Mom now knows I am a Reylo shipper. My poor Mom.

The movie was great. I was highly pleased with this conclusion and how it pretends like the last movie never happened. Definitely recommend for those on the fence. I think there is much to dissect but I don’t want to give anything away! 


My siblings and I hit a late night showing of Jumanji: The Next Level last night and this morning opened presents and played Clue! So fun to be with them all and get nephew time. 

The nephew in question was rather unimpressed with the small library of books, clothes, and toys given to him, vastly preferring to play with the laundry basket from his own house. Always humbling.

Have a blessed, merry Christmas everyone!