Shopping Where You Work

My sister works at Hobby Lobby and today she accidentally showed up for work an hour early. She decided to take advantage of the extra time and do some shopping. 

But retail.

On a Saturday.  

It proved distracting. I can’t resist sharing some of her stories: 

  1. “This old lady was going down the aisle in Spring and she kept picking an item off the shelf, looking at it, and putting it down on a lower shelf. And she’d pick it up and put it down, pick up another item, put it down. So I started walking behind, putting things back where they belong. Somehow she didn’t notice that I was following putting things back for the entire aisle.”
  2. “This woman went up to my co-worker and started complaining that an item was marked for $29.99 on the website but in the store was marked $69.99. So I walked over and looked up the item online with my phone and told her it was $69.99 online. She got super huffy and stormed off. It didn’t occur to me till afterwards that I wasn’t wearing a vest so I looked like another customer butting in on her complaint.”
  3. “The woman in line in front me of me at checkout was getting huffy since we only had two registers open besides Cindy, who was closed and counting her drawer, and the lady in line turned to me to complain, like ‘why aren’t there more registers open’ and I told it was because Cindy’s shift just ended. I don’t think she expected an actual answer.” 

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