Full Body Worship

The church Bethany and I have recently started attending is in the process of merging one of their services into a “gospel fusion center.” I’m all about it. Though most of my life I’ve attended more sedate, traditional or non-denominational churches, I’m an expressive worshiper. I like hand raising and dancing. Joy needs expression! And for me, joy comes from worship. 

Today was a “test run” with the new gospel pastor and worship staff. I forgot how long it had been since I worshiped with a charismatic congregation. It was wonderful. For once I didn’t feel like I needed to curb my enthusiasm for fear of distracting others. I could just WORSHIP. 

Being more introverted, my sister does not get into full body worship like I do. If given the chance to sit while others dance, she sits. I suspect she tolerates the idea of gospel fusion worship more for my sake than any innate enjoyment. Which I appreciate. But it can feel a bit aggravating. Especially leaving service today, I was bursting with enthusiasm and eager to share it with someone. And Bethany…well, Bethany just shrugged and said something to the effect of, “It was fine, I guess.”

Le sigh. 

Does being extroverted or introverted impact how you worship?

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