Older Sister Mode

Despite being the oldest of five kids, I do not have a particularly motherly personality. No one would call me the “mom” of my friend groups. But I am very much an older sister. And sometimes that comes out with other people. 

For example, I saw one of my students at a bar the other day. He was there with a girl. I could not resist embarrassing him a tiny bit–complete with a wide grin and obvious waving to get his attention. He turned beat red. Sometimes, you’ve got to tease your people. 

But being an older sister means more than embarrassing your younger siblings. Sometimes it means demanding information from them to gauge how they’re doing. Tonight I accidentally entered older sister mode with someone I carpooled with to Bible study . Logically I knew it wasn’t Bethany in the car with me as we left, but habits die hard. 

“So, did you have good conversations tonight?”

“Who did you talk with?”

“What did you talk about?”

“What was your biggest takeaway?”

“Do you want to go back next week?”

The person took my interrogation in stride, but I’m pretty sure they’ll think twice before going anywhere with me again. Because I will ask you about your day, and you will like it!

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