Hair Cut (Minus Pictures. Because reasons.)

I do not use product in my hair. I’m too lazy. But coming from my hair cut today, I looked like a card carrying member at a Southern Baptist Ladies Convention. I had volume. Alarming amounts of volume. 

Good news: according to my Mom, it finally flattened.

But it was an experience. I typically go to the $9 (now $11!) haircut place down the road. They get you in and out in 15 minutes. I can get a hair cut while running errands. Other customers typically include middle school boys with their moms and old men. And I’m never satisfied with the result. 

My Mom talked me into getting a “real” haircut today. The type that takes an hour and costs three times as much. It was actually my Mom’s hair stylist and at one point she said, “I hope your Mom likes your hair” which left me bemused because I hope I like my hair. 

All the other customers were old ladies. All sported major helmet hair tinted vaguely blue. 

I guess I’m grateful my hair is still red. 

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