Wisconsin Votes

What a crazy litigious build-up to Wisconsin’s election today! My sister and I got our absentee ballots out weeks ago so it doesn’t really impact me much when people vote (though I certainly have strong opinions about what the governor tried to do.) But it really has brought to a head a lot of questions about separation of powers and executive orders.

If you haven’t been following, one case went all the way to the United States Supreme Court. It involved an order that would have extended absentee voting to six days after the election. Election results wouldn’t be released till the end of the period. The Supreme Court said that would effectively change the election day and that could not happen this last minute. 

Another case went before the Wisconsin Supreme Court, challenging the governor’s executive order delaying the Wisconsin election till June. In a 4-2 decision (Justice Kelly abstaining), the court held Governor Evers could not move the election day via executive order.

Pretty exciting stuff!

Did you vote?

One response to “Wisconsin Votes

  • Jill Guenther

    Ohio’s primary was originally scheduled for March 17th, but due to Covid-19 it was postponed until April 26 and all voting being done through absentee ballots.

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