The Lady Says No (1951)

I got a collection of old black and white movies from Goodwill and have been super excited to start watching them. I cannot say, however, that the first one was a total success!

The Lady Says No (Film, Comedy): Reviews, Ratings, Cast and Crew ...

The story follows a young woman who writes a book (“The Lady Says No!”) encouraging women to say no to men more often and value their own worth. No accepting cat calling! No accepting your husband dallying with other women!

But—the movie goes on to show—she really knows nothing about men. And you quickly learn she knows nothing about men when the flirtatious male lead shows up and charms her socks off with very little effort. She then realizes her advice to say no is more harmful than helpful and that really, women ought to say yes more. Wallah.

The main message of the movie was fairly cringe-worthy, which is a pity because it had some truly funny, memorable moments. I really like David Niven in My Man Godfrey and think he had some potential here.

But, ah, yes. This movie did not age well.

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