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Easier to find a needle in a haystack

Over the years I have managed to collect a few…hundred…possibly a thousand books. Almost all of them remain carefully boxed up in my parents’ basement until the glorious day when I will have space for them. Alas, my apartment, though spacious, does not contain room enough for them all. It occurred to me, however, that my bookshelf would benefit from my copy of The Federalist Papers. I ventured into the basement to find it. 

This task, though Herculean, should not have been too complicated. Over the years I’ve packed and re-packed the books based on category. I have a “classics” box (or two.) A “politics” box (or three). A “want to read in the near-ish future” box. A “used to be in the want to read box but now read” box. 

I decided I would have packed The Federalist Papers in a politics box. Unfortunately, my boxes do not sit neatly on a shelf. I pulled out boxes of old school supplies, chair cushions, and Legos in my hunt for my politics boxes. Alas, even after that workout, The Federalist Papers was nowhere to be found. Nor was it in the Want To Read box. 

It took me an hour of hunting before I finally found it in the Classics box next to my copy of Frankenstein and The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

On the bright side, in the process of looking for 1 book, I found 11 others that my bookshelf absolutely needs!



The Unread E-mails

5 e-mails. They stare at me, filling me with an unnamed dread. Unnamed and unnecessary, really, because they are just e-mails. But they are e-mails I have been ignoring and so I feel guilty about ignoring them.

But not guilty enough to want to actually answer. And what are these anxiety-inducing e-mails about? 

Nothing of importance. Fall plans. Follow-up questions. Speaker-arrangements. The details of life. But answering them means I am back, back, back.  My lovely summer is over. Time to be responsible again. 

I whined enough about turning into a student again. Why do I turn around and whine about going back to adult things? I feel like this dichotomy of Student and Adult creates most of the conflict in my life and 95% is all in my head. 

New Apartment!

After a school year sleeping on the floor of a living room and a summer sharing a room with 4 roommates, I’m breaking free and moving into my own apartment. I got the keys today. I can’t wait to officially move in! I won’t know what do with all that space!


I like voting with my sisters. It makes me feel powerful. 1…2…3…we walked into the polling place to collect our ballots. Rattled off names. Showed IDs. Joked and laughed and filled in the little bubbles. This primary maters (every primary matters…) and voting with my sisters makes me feel like my voice is magnified. Or their voices are magnified. Our voices. 

Voting is definitely one of the best parts of being an adult.

I Want To Be The Library Legend

Although my visits to my hometown library have occurred with increased irregularity over the years, I like to think I still hold a special place in the librarians’ hearts. When I am in town and putting a dozen books on hold, I like to think they pause as they gather them and say,

“Oh, Amy is back in town.”

And they know it is me because who else would put so many books on hold?

Well, for all I know, everyone. But it seems somewhat unusual based on the library habits of those around me. 

Over the years, some librarians come and some go and I know the memory of me will fade. That is why I like to imagine my legend continues. Like a ghost that haunts the library and puts things on hold every few months. Except I’m not dead. 

Amy’s Daily To-Do List

  • Complete daily Korean lesson (check)
  • Preserve Snapchat streaks (check)
  • Write a blog post (in the works)
  • Read 1 3 books (1/3 complete)




My original plan was just 1 book a day for the month of August, but then I thought, why read 1 book a day when I could achieve my August goal by reading 3 books a day until August 15th? I will probably drop the whole 3 books things as it is seriously cutting into my productivity but it pleases me to realize I can do it. (And for that reason I’m leaving it on the to-do list.)

Library Turnaround

Yesterday I decided to do my perennial book-check at the library and ran my latest batch of to-reads through the library system. Found one…placed a hold. Found another…placed a hold. 

10 holds later I decided to stop looking. What a find! 3 hours later, 6 of the books were “Shipped” and the remaining 4 had moved to “Pending.” 

I love how fast libraries get me my holds. It used to be a 3 day affair. Now it barely takes 24 hours. Did all libraries become this efficient or just mine?