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Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy 50th Birthday to the World’s Most Awesome Mom! Thanks to everyone who helped us make her day so special! 

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Image may contain: 2 people, including Elizabeth Buchmeyer

Past Employment

Since I am graduating from a Wisconsin law school, I do not need to take the Wisconsin Bar Exam. I do, however, need to fill out a Wisconsin Bar Application. This includes an exhaustive list of every employer (with attached contact for said employer) I have had since turning 18. 

You would think the hardest employer to find contact for would be, say, Media Trackers, which as far as I can find, no longer exists. Or the family-owned pizza place I worked one summer where the owner died a year later. 

But no. 

Hands down, Sam’s Club wins as the hardest former employer to find contact information for. They’re putting me through the ringer! 

First, I scour the webs for some sort of HR e-mail. For a company that big, you would think they would need to occasionally verify employment. I eventually give in and try try, go through the little auto-chat guy who is no help, and then wait 20 minutes to talk to a “real person.” He says I have to call the store where I worked. 

Well, probably I should have started there but it has been so long since I worked there (7 years!) I figure any record of me will have long since gone into storage. I call the store. I learn:

They do not have an HR person. 

They have one person who sort of does the job part time.

She is not available.

She does not have an e-mail.

The store does not have an e-mail.

She does not have a direct line. 

I can call the store back when she is working. 

She next works at 6 am on Sunday. Store opens at 8:30.


I did expect some challenge but even this supersedes my expectations. 


Law School Hope

I met with the registrar today. I went in braced for the worst. After all, with TAing and studying abroad and all the other things I crammed into my law school career, who knows what I missed. And let’s just say…it was not a spectacularly fabulous day leading up the meeting. It began with the fire alarm going off as I was getting out of the shower and didn’t exactly go up from there. So, I figured, learning I needed an extra semester of law school would come as no surprise. 

But guess what? I’m only 12 credits shy of graduating.

And I am only a particularly long and tedious bar application away from being able to practice law in Wisconsin this Spring. 

And if I continue my current GPA, I will be able to walk across the stage with honors cords. 

In other words, the end is truly in sight. And I’m not drowning. I feel like I just braced myself to lift a heavy bolder and discovered instead there was nothing there. I’m on the downward slide. I’m going to be a lawyer.

It tastes like hope and I am so shocked by how much that emotion surprises me that I almost want to stick it in a box and bury it out back in case I lose it. 

But it is real. I am going to make it. I am almost there. 

Influenza: Day 3

Well, by necessity I’m up and moving today. I attended a meeting this morning, then class, swung into the Law Review office to make edits on our latest publication, led four discussion groups, and now am going to try and get a good chunk a 10-page paper written. (Due tomorrow but cannot do tomorrow since tomorrow is packed.)

I’m not feeling 100% (still on a liquid diet with the occasional saltine cracker to keep my spirits up) but Google says I’m not contagious so I’ve decided to be satisfied with that. I already feel like I’ve missed so much of this week!

My sister Bethany, as noted in my last post, is not the most ideal person to have around when sick. I’m sure she means well. But she is the sort of person who, as I go running to the bathroom to lose the contents of my stomach, looks up from her laptop only long enough to shout:

“You better not get me sick!”

She will go grocery shopping for you if you drive her, which is quite nice of her, but she refuses to buy things she doesn’t see the point in (even if using my money.) For example, I give her the following list:

  • Saltine crackers 
  • Water (Dasani preferred) 
  • Ginger ale
  • An iced green tea
  • Banana

She looks it over. “Geesh, you want the expensive water? And you don’t need saltine crackers, I have almond crackers. And why don’t you just drink my old Snapple? And you don’t eat bananas. Why would I get a banana?”

Me: “Snapple is made with black tea and I’d prefer something lighter but still caffeinated. And while I do not like bananas overly much, they are easy to digest.” 

Bethany: * shakes head*

She emerges from the store with

  • Water (Dasani because they were out of the regular cases of water) 
  • Ginger ale (with an apologetic statement that it is off-brand.)
  • Two bananas

Such queries as, “Did I not put saltine crackers on the list?” meet with an eye roll.

She will, however, demand at various intervals over the next few hours why I have not eaten the bananas yet? What WAS the point in getting them? 

Sisters do keep you humble! 

Influenza: Day 2

Me: “Bethany, I fell asleep on the couch last night.”

Bethany: “Yeah.”

Me: “You couldn’t turn off the light right in my face?”

Bethany: *in tones of great disgust* “I turned off all the other lights! You should be grateful!”

Bethany and I don’t always have the same idea of what it means to be thoughtful.

(I have more stories but still feeling exhausted today so they will have to wait 😴😴 )


I want to know whose bright idea it was to shorten ‘influenza’ to ‘flu.’ ‘Flu’ sounds so innocent. 

“Oh, I’ve got a touch of the flu.”

Influenza sounds like death. 

“Influenza has decimated populations.”

And as someone who has been struggling with the stomach flu for the last 24 hours, I think influenza sounds a lot more accurate. 

Driving Miss Amy

8 Years Ago

18-year-old Amy gets behind the steering wheel of the mini van. Her 4 younger siblings sit in the back. Parents wave from the doorway. 

10-year-old Elijah: *waves to parents with a long-suffering sigh*  “At least we will see them in heaven.” 

Present Day

*I teach Elijah to drive*

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