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Brain Dead

Well, I made it through my first day of work!

First days of work are generally overwhelming, I think, but I’m particularly feeling the last week and a half or so of travel, odd sleep, and inconsistent diet.

I keep meaning to get a proper post out about moving cross country or funny adventures or something. But I’m so tired I’m struggling to put words together so I guess that will have to wait.

I am here. I’m healthy. And I appreciate you all for cheering me on the way ❤

The Wall Is Painted

This is just a note to say that 2 months and 2 days after I was told it would happen (but who is counting?), my living room wall finally got painted.

I’ve had people in 3 times to do the job. The first time they told me they “primed” and would be back. (No evidence.) The second time they told me they “prepped” and would be back (aka they taped up the outlet on the wall..) Well, after multiple e-mails and calls, I finally just put in a work request to get it done. And it still took them 2 weeks to get over here.

When the maintenance guys then told me they needed to prime the wall (again?!), I almost just told them to leave me the paint and I’d do it myself. But they actually came back (!!!) and I have a painted wall.

Of course, more puzzling, they wanted to know who left the wall unfinished in the first place. As I assumed it was them, or someone else on maintenance, I had no good answer for it. But hey, it is done!

(Also, update on yesterday’s post, loved Jude the Obscure. Weird but this is 2020 so stranger things have happened.)

Am I Older Now?

I previously blogged about getting the under-12 discount at the U.S.S. Wisconsin. Apparently the universe found my whining funny because yesterday I bought a bottle of wine and didn’t get carded

The guy checking me out swiped the bottle of wine, the machine beeped, he looked up at me…and then waved me through! No request for my I.D. 

In all likelihood he probably assumed I was under-age and thought he would do me a solid. But hey, I don’t know that. Maybe he thought I looked over 40.

I didn’t actually get to drink the bottle of whine, however, because my sister accidentally dropped it on the concrete outside our apartment. On the positive side, it was outside…

On the less positive side, 24 hours later and our entire courtyard still smells like a bar. 

The Most Interesting Part of Today

‘Oh, I didn’t blog yet,’ I think right as I am about to head to bed. ‘It sure is hard to think of things to blog about when I don’t live in a foreign country.’

So I ask myself, what was the best part of today? What interesting thing happened? Here is what I came up with:

I saw a 300+ pound man on a tiny little motorbike zipping down the back-roads looking like he just won the lottery. Pure bliss. It totally made my day. 

I really hope he remembers to wear a helmet next time.

Wrong Side (of the Apartment)

I have been blessed over the last year and an half by an abundance of kind people who give me rides places, especially people who give me rides to and from bible study. 

But I have a confession. And this is true both with my current apartment and my last one. If someone drops me off at the wrong side of the apartment complex, I won’t say anything. It feels like such a small thing. What does it matter to me if I have to walk a few extra minutes? 

But it is also such a silly thing. It would make more sense for me to have them drop me off at the correct door. Yet to do that, I would need to tell them they’ve spent the last few weeks dropping me off at the wrong place. That’s embarrassing.

It starts off so innocently. They drop me off for the first time and I gesture to the building. They pull up to the wrong door. I know my key will work anyway so I smile and wave and go inside. I could say something but it feels so extra to say, ‘no, not this door on the building. That one.’ 

So I say nothing and the next time they drop me off at the same spot. And again. And again. And by that point so much time has passed…well…to say something would be so awkward. And it is such a slight inconvenience. 

But still, a wholly unnecessary inconvenience. And I don’t know what to do about it.

Blimey Cow’s Seven Things Happy People Do Every Day

Yesterday’s post got a little convoluted as I tried to sort out all the things in my head. So today I recommend just sitting back and enjoying Blimey Cow’s video, “Seven Things Happy People Do Every Day.”


(Or really, just watch anything Blimey Cow since their videos are the best)

Easier to find a needle in a haystack

Over the years I have managed to collect a few…hundred…possibly a thousand books. Almost all of them remain carefully boxed up in my parents’ basement until the glorious day when I will have space for them. Alas, my apartment, though spacious, does not contain room enough for them all. It occurred to me, however, that my bookshelf would benefit from my copy of The Federalist Papers. I ventured into the basement to find it. 

This task, though Herculean, should not have been too complicated. Over the years I’ve packed and re-packed the books based on category. I have a “classics” box (or two.) A “politics” box (or three). A “want to read in the near-ish future” box. A “used to be in the want to read box but now read” box. 

I decided I would have packed The Federalist Papers in a politics box. Unfortunately, my boxes do not sit neatly on a shelf. I pulled out boxes of old school supplies, chair cushions, and Legos in my hunt for my politics boxes. Alas, even after that workout, The Federalist Papers was nowhere to be found. Nor was it in the Want To Read box. 

It took me an hour of hunting before I finally found it in the Classics box next to my copy of Frankenstein and The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

On the bright side, in the process of looking for 1 book, I found 11 others that my bookshelf absolutely needs!


Amy’s Daily To-Do List

  • Complete daily Korean lesson (check)
  • Preserve Snapchat streaks (check)
  • Write a blog post (in the works)
  • Read 1 3 books (1/3 complete)




My original plan was just 1 book a day for the month of August, but then I thought, why read 1 book a day when I could achieve my August goal by reading 3 books a day until August 15th? I will probably drop the whole 3 books things as it is seriously cutting into my productivity but it pleases me to realize I can do it. (And for that reason I’m leaving it on the to-do list.)

180 Days

Exactly half a year ago, I was sitting between classes trying to find a Thai language app. I figured it was good to get a jump on it what with my new found interest in Thailand.

Unfortunately, I did not find one. I did notice that Duolingo finally had Korean, though. So I started there.

Today marks 180 days of doing Korean for ten minutes a day! I don’t actually know if I am learning anything, but it is fun.

A 2019 Reading Goal

“I saw that you read 124 books in 24 years!” cheerfully exclaims my new friend. “Congratulations!”

“124 books in my 24th year,” I say. “From July 6 to July 6.”

She looks shocked. “124 in one year? Not all 24 years?”

The very idea of it taking me 24 years to read 124 books is somewhat insulting, but she means well.

I glance at my Goodreads, wanting to give an accurate number. “Try 1,820 books since 2009, excluding re-reads.”

She looks stunned.

Trying to soften it a little, I say, “But you know, I still have 928 books on my to-read list, and that is always growing!”

It doesn’t help. “You have 920 books you want to read?” she gasps.

I nod, forbearing to add the 8 at the end.

She leaves the room shaking her head, but I’m now curious. How soon till I hit 2,000 read books? 180 short…probably not possible by the end of this year but with effort and fewer re-reads maybe by the end of 2019…

I think I have a new reading goal. To pull it off I will need to read 30-40 more books this year and then stay on track for my average 150 next. Seems a little steep with my travel plans for 2019 thrown in. But what is life without something to strive for?