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I like voting with my sisters. It makes me feel powerful. 1…2…3…we walked into the polling place to collect our ballots. Rattled off names. Showed IDs. Joked and laughed and filled in the little bubbles. This primary maters (every primary matters…) and voting with my sisters makes me feel like my voice is magnified. Or their voices are magnified. Our voices. 

Voting is definitely one of the best parts of being an adult.


Happy Birthday, Elijah!

He’s turning 17 and eager to build his own computer!  Happy Birthday to my youngest brother! 

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(I really need to take more updated photos with my siblings)

Stage 3: Childhood Memories and Underrated Presidents

My siblings and I wrapped up our road trip yesterday! We had a lovely visit with family in the morning and then tracked down the playground our parents used to take us as kids. 

We all agreed we needed a better playground in our back yard. 

We wrapped up our trip with a visit to the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library!

It was a very cool exhibit. I learned a lot and definitely want to return someday. 

Stage 2: Family and Friends

After a summer spent meeting new people and being on my best behavior, it is fun road tripping with my siblings. There is no fooling them and no point trying. At the same time, I don’t need to wonder if I should or could take a leader role since – by virtue of being the oldest – I am the de facto leader. It makes things simpler; it makes things fun.

We are having a blast so far seeing family and the occasional old friend!

(Aunt Joan, Anna has the picture of us on her phone so I will post it later!)

Stage 1: Grandparents

Always lovely to see Grandpa Buck and Grandma Bea!

I also found this fabulous throwback while digging through old photos.

Spontaneous Sibling Roadtrip

When 4 of the 5 find themselves with an empty week and an inclination for adventure, where do you go? Iowa, of course!

Happy Birthday, Anna!

I know a girl/Whose full of grace/she’s got red hair/and a happy face

Her name is Anna/she loves bananas/someday we know/she’ll be in a drama!

She’s our lima bean/but as you can see/she is Anna Keen! Dunt dunt duh! 

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Y’all, I officially have the coolest 21-year-old sister on the planet. I can’t imagine life without her.

Image may contain: Anna Buchmeyer and Amy Buchmeyer, people smiling, people standing

Anna, I hope you have a spectacular day and a wonderful year. Let’s drink responsibility when I get home!