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Bob Ross

Bethany has made it her personal mission to introduce me to Bob Ross. (She looks over my shoulder protests that I’m exaggerating.) Okay, so maybe not a personal mission. But she has definitely introduced me to the show (what else is there to watch at 10:41 PM? I need to go to bed) and it is so wholesome! 

His talent is incredible. I look away and then bam. Stunning scenery in only a few brush strokes. 

I now understand her generation’s weird fixation with happy little trees. 

Introducing Bethany to Pemberley Digital

Today Bethany finished reading Emma by Jane Austen. To celebrate, I planned to have us watch the BBC Emma miniseries. Alas, Amazon Prime no longer offers it or any other Emma movie for free. So, I decided the time had come to introduce her to one of my all-time favorite Emma spin-offs….Emma Approved.

She was…unimpressed. 

And I figured, okay, so maybe Emma is little more annoying than I remembered. But The Lizzie Bennet Diaries doesn’t disappoint! 

And it didn’t!

But Bethany was still unimpressed. 

So I pulled out my final card…Pemberley Digital’s imagining of Sanditon. 

And, yeah, okay, there is a reason that one bombed.

But Bethany wouldn’t have any of them! She just shrugged and said, “I guess I like Jane Austen for the Regency stuff.” 

Her loss. If you need me, I’ll be re-watching the masterpiece that is The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. 

Cousin Time

Two of my cousins saved my extroverted soul by coming to hang out for the day. We attempted to sew some more stuffed animals (or at least, I attempted. They succeeded), watched Love and Friendship, and played a rollicking game of Marrying Mr. Darcy. 

It was utterly delightful. 

A New Hobby

Bethany informed me that all my new free time means I need a new hobby. Apparently, my increased reading does not impress her. Instead, she informed me that I should show up to Hobby Lobby after her shift so she could find something for me to do. 

The thing is, I’ve tried most crafty hobbies. Years ago. Walking through Hobby Lobby went something like this…

“Knitting? Aunt tried to teach me that when I was 9.”

“Hair-pin-lace? Another aunt tried to teach me that when I was 11.”

“Crochet? Tried that when I was 15.” 

“Cross-stitch? I think I did that when I was 10. Grandma bought me a kit.”

“Sewing? Oh, yeah, Grandma taught me how to sew a skirt and use a sewing machine. Was that freshman year?” 

Scrap booking? Oh, yeah. I tried that after my first summer camp. Probably still in parents’ craft supply box somewhere.” 

“Adult coloring books? I’ve got a lot of those.” 

So, finally, I told Bethany: I’m willing to relearn anything. I’ll invest in it. Pick a hobby and we’ll work on it together over the next few weeks. I imagined us knitting cute blankets, or sewing PJ pants, or painting wooden boxes or something. 

Bethany decided we should hand-sew stuffed animals. 

A few dismal attempts to sew dolls out of fabric scraps and socks came to mind, but I shoved it down and said I’d give it a try. She then dismissed the needs for patterns or actual structure. When I found a pattern I liked online, she eyeballed it and sketched something for me to cut out. 

Not shockingly, this did not work. 

But honestly, I’ll blame my own skills for the rest. It was supposed to be a chick. Then I tried to make it an owl.

And it kind of just turned into a demented pigeon. 

I do not really foresee this hobby taking off.

Women’s Conference

My Mom, sisters, sister-in-law, and I all went to a women’s conference today. The speakers included Megan Fate Marshman and Amena Brown. I also attended breakout sessions about friendship, the enneagram, and hospitality. It was a really lovely conference and I particularly enjoyed being there with the awesome ladies in my family! ❤ 

Image may contain: 5 people, including Anna Buchmeyer, Amber Marie Buchmeyer, Elizabeth Buchmeyer and Bethany Buchmeyer

Sunday Night Rambles

I planned on blogging about the movie Little Women tonight, but turns out I left my computer at home so I am writing this post from my phone. And it is difficult to convey much from a phone.

Plus, I am tired.

It was a long weekend. Good to see family. Good to celebrate the life of Grandma Bea. She was an incredible lady.

And now it is good to be back in my apartment and preparing for the week. A very long week. But Spring break is not far off and with it a variety of fun plans!

Until then (or at least, until tomorrow), have a good night everyone.

You Raise Me Up