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Card Games and Christmas

Merry Christmas!!

I gave my sister the game Marrying Mr. Darcy for Christmas. We played it today and it was so much fun!!

All the laughter and fun! Highly recommended. 


Merry Christmas Eve!

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas Eve! My brother, sister-in-law, and nephew came over. My brother gave me a book! I can’t remember the last time someone in my immediate family gave me a book. (Understandably because they think I have a lot of books and I don’t provide lists of books I want. But still. It makes receiving one that much more special!) 

Shopping Trip Addendum

Today my Dad and I hit over 10 stores finishing Christmas shopping. At least 6 of them involved me looking for camisoles (for myself) and leaving with nothing. But Dad was kind enough to stand there on his phone like a teenage girl while I looked! It was a fun afternoon and I think we’re just about ready for Christmas! 




A Tale of Two Shopping Trips

Christmas shopping with my brother Sam:

You enter the store and go immediately to the department with the Item you decided to purchase before walking in. You spend all of 3 seconds verifying it is correct. Then you check out. No turning to the left or right. 

Christmas shopping with my brother Elijah:

Me: “Elijah, you are coming Christmas shopping with me.” 

Elijah: “Okay.”

Me: “OH! I wanted to look at that…Can you believe someone made this? And people buy it! Oh look at that shirt over there! Do you mind if we swing by shoes? We should check out the toy section for options. LOOK. $5 DVDs. Ahahahaha look at that pillow case! Let’s go back by t-shirts. I want to look for this bizarrely specific thing…YOU KNOW WHO WOULD LOVE THIS? Do you need a present for…? We should go back to that other department….”

*Meanwhile, Elijah calmly follows me everywhere and doesn’t complain once*

Nephew Baptism!

I hoped to post some pictures of my nephew’s baptism today, but I forgot to take one and no one has posted any yet!

So, you’ll have to take my word that he looked adorable today with his massive cheeks and adorable dress pants and button up white shirt with rolled sleeves. He took it all like a champ and promptly followed it up by starring as Baby Jesus in the Christmas pageant. 

I am super honored to be one of his sponsors! I have the most precious nephew, y’all ❤ 

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Happy 80th Birthday to my Grandma!

Grandma, I hope you had a lovely day with many more to come! (I should have taken a picture with you to post when I saw you tonight!)

Sister, Stress, & Sushi Burrito

I forgot to blog about it the other day, but my sister and I decided to escape finals stress for a bit and get sushi burritos!

I was skeptical but overall it was fairly delicious. I recommend trying if you like sushi! 

I also recommend Christmas shopping with your sister as a stress reliever ❤ Or maybe just Christmas shopping with my sister, because Anna is the best. (And so is Bethany, of course, but she was working and couldn’t join us.)