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Siblings’ Day!

As I’ve mentioned before, October 10 is a Particularly Special Day for my siblings and I. Many years ago, it dawned on us that no holiday of interest existed between our youngest brother’s birthday in August and Christmas! So we created one: Siblings’ Day. And that day is…today! 

Coincidentally, it is also Mental Health Day at the law school. So while this post is a shout-out to my siblings for being amazing, this is also a shout-out to my siblings for keeping me sane in law school. 

My brothers and sisters make me laugh. They listen to me rant. They listen to me ramble. Sam gives me random calls to catch up on life. Anna Facebook messages with me throughout the day. Bethany fangirls with me over Miraculous Ladybug and Barbie and Webtoons. Elijah drops what he is doing when I come home to talk with me (and usually make sure I’m fed.) 

I really have the best bunch of siblings and I’m ever so grateful for every one of them. ❤ 

(We don’t have a recent picture of just us – gotta remedy that – but here is one of us with my Mom and sister-in-law on Mother’s Day.)

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My Mom has been on vacation in Ireland and she’s finally coming home! I’m glad she got the opportunity to go on this vacation – it looks like she had an amazing time – but selfishly I’m excited to have her back in the same state as me where I can bug her with questions all the time. Because, as the last week plus has taught me, I apparently bug her with questions more than I realize. She helps me verbally process. My Dad tried. Thank you, Dad, you were very helpful. But he’s not my Mom. And she’s coming back! (Or is back? MOM ARE YOU HOME YET.) 

Sibling Dynamics

I’m sitting in a coffee shop pretending to do homework and watching the post-church crowd. A family with three daughters enters. The three girls are maybe 6, 4, and 2. They have matching French braids and a determined air. The reason for the air becomes apparent once their parents allow them to pick a spot to sit. They choose a table with a bench sitting three on one side facing two chairs. 

“I’m going to sit here, and Mommy and Daddy will sit on either side of me,” announces the eldest, choosing the bench while her less perceptive sisters pick chairs. 

Instantly, the youngest switches spots to sit beside her. 

“No!” exclaims the oldest, moving to the other side of the table to sit by the middle child. She eyes her sister with disapproval. “You’re so lucky,” she says. “You get to sit between Mommy and Daddy.” 

The middle child switches spots. Now two of them are on the bench side and one is sitting on a chair. Then the eldest gets up to sit on the bench. She announces that the three of them will face their parents, making it all fair. 

The youngest shouts that she wants to sit by Mommy. This brings Mommy over. She is settled on a chair. The youngest is desolate. She moves from the bench. This, however, upsets the careful balance. One parent’s side has been chosen. Now the debate becomes who will sit by Daddy. 

The eldest looks with calculation at her sisters, clearly still trying to figure out how to sit between her parents. She tries the good old shoving technique. Her Mother reprimands her. She settles to pout. Daddy comes over. All three voices raise demanding he sit by them. 

In the end it is the middle child who sacrifices her wish. She offers to move to a chair so that the eldest and youngest can sit by Daddy. Mommy moves a chair to the side of the table so she can be flanked by two. Peace momentarily settles. 

The entire time I sit the corner trying not to laugh too loudly because I’m 98% certain this exact scenario played out many times with my siblings and me. Kudos to the middle children who keep the peace! 

The Greatest Shower

My sister-in-law loves the movie The Greatest Showman, so for her baby shower, my sisters planned The Greatest Shower! They did an amazing job. Everything was super fun and creative. Check out some of the decorations! 

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Moved In

4 van-loads later and I am officially moved in! (Which is not to say, unpacked.)

I am very grateful to my parents and younger brother Elijah for packing and unloading everything on a very hot, unpleasant day.

There are dishes to be washed and clothing to be hung but I for one plan to collapse and worry about that tomorrow.


I like voting with my sisters. It makes me feel powerful. 1…2…3…we walked into the polling place to collect our ballots. Rattled off names. Showed IDs. Joked and laughed and filled in the little bubbles. This primary maters (every primary matters…) and voting with my sisters makes me feel like my voice is magnified. Or their voices are magnified. Our voices. 

Voting is definitely one of the best parts of being an adult.

Happy Birthday, Elijah!

He’s turning 17 and eager to build his own computer!  Happy Birthday to my youngest brother! 

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(I really need to take more updated photos with my siblings)