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Shifting Strengths

Law school does things to you; it changes the way you think and the way you interact with people. You start viewing language differently. You exist in a pressure cooker all semester and when finally released from it…the world seems different. I have struggled to explain the difference to people. I feel…firmer. Or grounded. More analytical. Possibly more capable, or at least developed. 

Yesterday I took the Clifton Strength Finders test and I might have more words now. 

The strengths test measures your inherent “talents.” It isn’t supposed to change much, at least not once you hit adulthood. Yet over the past year, my strengths shifted dramatically

I took the test the first time almost exactly a year ago. At the time, I was leaving my adult job to move to the mountains of Idaho to work as a camp counselor and hopefully attend law school in the fall. Uncertainty was my watch word. It shows in my strengths:


Roughly translated, that tells you I am a flexible, happy, smart, inclusive person. Which I like to think is true. 

I took the test again yesterday. This time my top five strengths were: 


First off, I don’t think anyone has ever called me strategic before, much less ranked that my top strength. 

Second, while input sounds cool, it really just means I collect things like words, books, and ideas. 

Third, initially, these results really shocked me. They seemed so…different. But then I started reading about them. And, y’all, these are me. Future oriented, chatty, enthusiastic, thirsty for new ideas and intent on remembering them. Throughout, the test emphasizes my love of books and reading.

I really do love books. (Though the test also says I think speed reading is a waste of time because I want to ponder each new idea, which isn’t true by a long shot. But I do process things fast.) 

These results are not as far off from last year as I initially thought. Adaptability and Strategic strengths share a common theme of flexibility – just with the Strategic strength I have learned to pick an option and follow through on it. With Activator I got people excited about projects, now I use Communication to carry through on the whole project, not just the beginning. 

My main purpose in sharing all this stems from a broader theme I’ve learned over this past year. Going into law school, I felt a bit like a fraud. Detail-oriented people are supposed to go to law school. Not big-picture, idea people like me. You go to law school to put things in boxes, not to turn the box upside down and beat on it like a drum. 

Or so I thought. Over the last year, I have learned my talents aren’t that uncommon for the law, and are in fact quite valuable. Where I am weak, I have learned to adapt. And where I am strong, like in communication, I flourish. 

I am waiting for one last grade, but in all but one class so far this semester I’ve gotten an A or A-. You might find that par for course knowing me, but in law school that is hard. But I am learning and I am loving what I learn. It is a bit of a relief to realize that I am not a fraud and 6-year-old me wasn’t crazy when she announced she wanted to be a lawyer.

Moreover, I am good at this. Just saying that makes me feel a little bit crazy, but also happy. I see God’s hand at work around me and I cannot wait to see what comes next.

Ole Benny Harrison…continued

So I thought it would be amusing to follow up on my last post with a silly picture of Benjamin Harrison. There has got to be something, right? My lazy search on Google images didn’t reveal anything though. He really was a boring guy…but there are moments he almost looks like he could be an actor of the Gandalf/old Obi Wan Kenobi/Sean Connery variety.

Cheerful looking, huh? Anyway, all these pictures reminded me of one of my favorite memes: 

Facts ’bout Benjamin Harrison

Of all the presidents, I find Benjamin Harrison the hardest to remember. He was the 23rd president and his single, 4 year term was squashed between two Grover Cleveland terms. I guess that is some claim to fame, but it doesn’t say much about Harrison. Tonight I decided to find some fun facts to make this random president more memorable. These were pulled off Wikipedia and

  • President Benjamin Harrison was the grandson of President William Henry Harrison (the 9th president who is very memorable because he died a month into office)
  • Federal spending reached one billion dollars for the first time during Harrison’s presidency
  • His daughter graduated from law school in 1919 and passed the bar in Indiana and New York. She also founded an investment newsletter for women. (She sounds way more interesting than her Dad)
  • His granddaughter married the great-grandson of President James Garfield (20th president)
  • Harrison was the 4th and last president to have a beard 
  • He was the first president to have electricity in the White House
  • He was also the first president to have his voice recorded 
  • Harrison is the only president to come from Indiana 
  • In 2012, a dollar coin was release with his face on it (why?!!!!)

In conclusion, Harrisom was kind of a boring guy with a mediocre presidency who had interesting family members.