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Past Employment

Since I am graduating from a Wisconsin law school, I do not need to take the Wisconsin Bar Exam. I do, however, need to fill out a Wisconsin Bar Application. This includes an exhaustive list of every employer (with attached contact for said employer) I have had since turning 18. 

You would think the hardest employer to find contact for would be, say, Media Trackers, which as far as I can find, no longer exists. Or the family-owned pizza place I worked one summer where the owner died a year later. 

But no. 

Hands down, Sam’s Club wins as the hardest former employer to find contact information for. They’re putting me through the ringer! 

First, I scour the webs for some sort of HR e-mail. For a company that big, you would think they would need to occasionally verify employment. I eventually give in and try try, go through the little auto-chat guy who is no help, and then wait 20 minutes to talk to a “real person.” He says I have to call the store where I worked. 

Well, probably I should have started there but it has been so long since I worked there (7 years!) I figure any record of me will have long since gone into storage. I call the store. I learn:

They do not have an HR person. 

They have one person who sort of does the job part time.

She is not available.

She does not have an e-mail.

The store does not have an e-mail.

She does not have a direct line. 

I can call the store back when she is working. 

She next works at 6 am on Sunday. Store opens at 8:30.


I did expect some challenge but even this supersedes my expectations. 


Law School Hope

I met with the registrar today. I went in braced for the worst. After all, with TAing and studying abroad and all the other things I crammed into my law school career, who knows what I missed. And let’s just say…it was not a spectacularly fabulous day leading up the meeting. It began with the fire alarm going off as I was getting out of the shower and didn’t exactly go up from there. So, I figured, learning I needed an extra semester of law school would come as no surprise. 

But guess what? I’m only 12 credits shy of graduating.

And I am only a particularly long and tedious bar application away from being able to practice law in Wisconsin this Spring. 

And if I continue my current GPA, I will be able to walk across the stage with honors cords. 

In other words, the end is truly in sight. And I’m not drowning. I feel like I just braced myself to lift a heavy bolder and discovered instead there was nothing there. I’m on the downward slide. I’m going to be a lawyer.

It tastes like hope and I am so shocked by how much that emotion surprises me that I almost want to stick it in a box and bury it out back in case I lose it. 

But it is real. I am going to make it. I am almost there. 

Wisconsin Culture

Today in Evidence class we studied evidence offered as a character attribute (not allowed in court) versus evidence offered about a habit (generally allowed.) One of the defining attributes that differentiates the two is whether it is “morally ambiguous.” In other words, if the evidence tends to make the jury make a moral judgement about the defendant (i.e. he kicks puppies and so is a bad person), it probably won’t be allowed into court. (Probably?)

Anyway, one of the examples that came up today was a piece of evidence from a bartender stating that the defendant in a hit and run case came to the bar consistently for five years in a row every Saturday and Sunday night, drank vodka for an hour, got rowdy, and left. Thus, even though the bartender could not say that on that specific night the defendant was at the bar, he had a habit of drinking on Sunday nights which lines up with the hit and run. 

All this as background to say: the non-Wisconsin native professor took it as a given that “he drinks for an hour every Saturday and Sunday night” would obviously leave “negative” impression on the jury. 

And all of us from Wisconsin were like, “But would it? Would it really?”

Which made for a very funny debate.  

Because we Wisconsin natives had several caveats before we would agree that a habit of drinking regularly was more negative than “morally ambiguous.” 

Like, was he chugging vodka, or just nursing a glass? Social drinker or in isolation? Who defines “rowdy”? Was there a football game going on? 

The poor professor did not know what to do with us. I don’t know if we ever got to the real crux of his question. 

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Costumed (Part 2)

Some people told me: “nice costume.” Others asked what party I was going to. Still others just looked at me blankly and said “what are you supposed to be?” And a few others still asked for my number. 

It would have been flattering if they would just take no for an answer but I find people who ask you for your number on the bus rarely do take no calmly.

They want to know why they cannot have your number; they ask if you have a boyfriend; they assure you that they think it is ‘super cool’ that you’re in law school. (You can see the desire for free legal advice dancing in their eyes.) And inevitably, when your no remains no, they accuse you of playing hard to get. 

But it occurred to me I could fix this problem if I looked less nice and more scary. So I did my best to do just that.

Either it worked or people felt too cold to bother me. In either case, I felt cool so that’s really what matters. 


For weeks the student workers where I TA have been talking about their Halloween outfits. What to wear, when to wear it, how to get an unsuspecting boyfriend into a couple costume…all these things I heard. So, come October 31st, aka today, aka Halloween…I decided to join them in going all out.

I wore an Tudor gown with a cloak and high heeled boots and (though not shown below) a crown and veil. 

And then I walked outside and discovered it was snowing. 

No one at the bus stop was wearing a costume but I didn’t think much of it. I was an instant hit and three people asked for my number. (I politely declined to give it out.) 

I then got to campus. No one was wearing a costume!

I went to the house where I TA. And again…nothing! In fact, they’d all forgotten it was Halloween and asked me if I was celebrating the snow or something. 

I went to class; I attended a lecture in a different building; I wandered around campus. I saw maybe half a dozen people dressed up and no one close to my level. I can only surmise that the sight of snow shocked everyone into forgetting which holiday it was. 

But if Thailand taught me one thing it was how to take masses of people staring at you so I quite enjoyed myself despite sticking out like a sore thumb.

Quadruple Booked

The problem with scheduling every waking moment of your day is that inevitably you forget and book something else for the same time. Or three something elses. 

I triple booked myself Friday. (Meeting-seminar-work.)

I quadruple booked myself today.

First, I have a night class. I have had a night class the last 6 weeks. I have no idea how I forgot it. 

Second, I agreed to chaperone a movie night. I find it hilarious that I am requested to chaperone college kids until I realize I’m 6-8 years older than most of the students anyway. And that makes me feel old. 

Third, the city chapter of the Federalist Society hosted a social event for us Fed Soc students. It included two Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices. I got to chat with both of them. Let me tell you how it went: 

Me to Justice 1: “I fangirled so hard when your decision came out. Like, I told everyone about it. It was the best! I really loved it. Your due process argument was so good! I’m such a fan!” 

*Judge 1 looks faintly alarmed and begins to slowly back away* 


Judge 2: “Have we met before?”

Me: “Oh yes, I was president last year.”

Judge 2: “Where are you working now?”

Me: “Still a student.”

Him: “…”

Me: “…”

Him: “…”

Me: “…”

* this goes on for about thirty seconds*

Clearly I made a meaningful impression on both.

Fourth and finally, I agreed to pick up my sister from work. At least, I think I did. Possibly she just announced I was picking her up. At any rate, when I told her I had a busy day ahead of me, she just glanced up briefly from her phone and said:

“Just don’t be late.” 

Home Alone

Bethany went to a concert yesterday and stayed the night with our other sister, leaving me home alone. I planned to surprise her by cleaning. Or surprise myself by doing homework. Or, you know, have a productive Saturday.

Instead I read 4 books, stayed in my PJs all day, and ate canned soup.

It has been an amazing weekend.