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My Snitchin’ Glasses

All law school lectures have officially moved online. The school uses Blackboard (like Google Hangouts but less fun.) It works well for the small, discussion-based classes; less so for big, lecture style ones. Professors expect cameras on and mics off. 

(My favorite situation came from my biggest class of 60+ students. The professor said, “If you cannot hear me, raise your hand.” Of course no one did. So he ignored all the pleas in the chat from students stating they couldn’t hear him because, after all, he did ask…)

Alas, already boring lecture-style classes do not improve when moved online. And the temptation to surf the web or do literally anything else while listening is so strong…

But I can’t. Because my glasses snitch on me. Presumably because of the way I angle my laptop and how I sit, when my camera is on, my glasses reflect whatever I am looking at. In lecture? You can see the slides. Flip over to Facebook? Suddenly my glasses reflect Facebook. Look at my phone? You can see it in my glasses

Realistically, what are the chances of the professor looking at my tiny camera when there are 60 other students and no reason for me to stand out? Minimal. But it doesn’t matter. My glasses keep me on the straight and narrow. And before you ask, it doesn’t help if I take them off. I can’t see well if I take them off. I already tried. 

Quarantine Shopping

I am, admittedly, an unfocused shopper on the best of days. Add the pressure of a possible weeks-long shut down and it doesn’t get any better. There is just so much added pressure! I start questioning everything. 

Like, do I need milk? Granted, Bethany and I never drink milk and usually get almond milk because regular milk spoils on us. But what if we need milk in the next two weeks? 

Or bread? We still haven’t finished the last loaf we got a month ago but…I mean, bread is a necessity, right? 

Eggs? I have lots of eggs. Maybe I need more eggs.

Canned beats? Those sound super important. Probably. 

Banana peppers? I don’t have any of those. 

Do I need baking goods? Bethany and I have never baked but maybe we need flour and sugar. You never know. 

Cheese? No such thing as too much cheese. 

Toilet paper? Nah, none of that available anyway.

What even are essential staples anyway? Pringles? French bread? Ice cream? 

Eventually, I just give up and just buy frozen pizza. 


Mixed Emotions

People keep asking how I’m doing with social distancing, usually trailing off with some version of, “You’re an extrovert, so it must be really hard…”

But to be honest, this past week wasn’t particularly hard on me. Oh, it was disappointing. I should be flying back from North Carolina right now. I’m sad that I did not get to see my friends, or travel, or do any other fun spring break stuff. 

Still, at the end of the day, a spring break spent reading is not a bad spring break. And that’s really what this past week felt like. Spring break. 

Today, however, as I begin gearing up for the rest of the semester online, I am starting to feel the pinch. It really hit me after I got an e-mail from one of my clubs, which concluded:

“Finally, best wishes to all the graduating 3Ls! We will miss you.”

It was such a shocking, anticlimactic goodbye after three years of being with these people. I don’t recall if we sent the previous two classes off with much pomp, but there were cards and best wishes and farewell dinners. 

It is starting to dawn on me that regardless of whether they end up having graduation or not, the pandemic means that all of us graduates (be it high school, law school, or college!) are concluding our academic careers on a terribly anticlimactic note. I think I might take the next few days to process the lack of ceremony and what it actually means. 

But you know what? I’ll be celebrating regardless! Because I. Will. Be. Freeeeeeee! At least until I plunge myself into a new adventure.


I have not heard back from the interview I mentioned a few days ago, but I did get a promotion at work! I am officially the Foundation’s Director of Development. I am pretty excited for the opportunity. I have fancy business cards and everything

In other news, today kicked off spring break! Soooo ready to for the next few days of rest and catch-up. 

Packed Lunch

I felt really good about myself this morning. I packed a lunch. 

Well, I threw the fixings of a sandwich into a Wal Mart bag. But those are elements of a lunch, right? So, basically, I packed a lunch today and won’t survive off of peanuts and protein bars. Score

Sure, I forgot the sliced tomato and lettuce. 

But I have ham and cheese and hummus!

Except you know what I don’t have?


I forgot bread. 

I am not very good at packing lunch.

Canceled In-Person Classes

I think the interview went well. Or at least, I did right after I had the interview. The more I think about it the more I overthink it and am convinced I bombed it. But seriously, I think it went well.

In other news, my school has decided to go into full-on panic mode and has canceled in-person classes for an entire month. We’ve got spring break coming up so I guess that will give us some wiggle room to figure out how to have classes online. But seriously. What. Is. Going. On.

A Very Important Interview

Tomorrow I have a Very Important Interview. If you happen to think of it around 2pm central tomorrow, send up a prayer for me. 

My emotions have been a bit all over the place. Initially I felt nothing but panic. Something along the lines of

Image result for I didn't expect to get this far

And then I felt excitement! What a cool opportunity!

And then I asked my career adviser what some sample questions might look like and she sent me an entire web page. Now I feel intimated and 3 steps behind already. (It seems I should have skipped class and had the interview IMMEDIATELY.) 

So, we shall see. I will let you know how it goes. 

(I apologize for keeping this intentionally vague.)