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Student I.D.

I said yesterday that I felt like I was missing something and possibly would discover I wasn’t registered for classes. I still kind of feel that way. Namely because, I remain without a student I.D.!

I was told in order to register for classes, I must have a student number. The student number would then get placed on a Student I.D. and allow me to access such perks as the university WiFi and the library. I dropped by the study abroad office today to inquire about when I could expect to receive my I.D.

The lady behind the front desk responded to my question as if I just insulted her mother. Student I.D.?! I should not expect it for weeks yet. Furthermore, (unspoken but implied) who did I think I was?! Asking for a student I.D. indeed! 

I apologized and started backing hastily away. Apparently our conversation reached one of her colleagues in the back, however, who immediately started saying something in Thai, followed by “Uh-me! Uh-me!” 

Assuming this meant me, I waited. Yes, he did want me. They had my I.D. almost ready! I just needed to fill out a brief form with some questions. 

The “brief form” took 20 minutes and mostly involved me demanding to know why the the university wanted to know the income of my parents or the number of my siblings yet in school. None of their business! After a great deal of hemming and hawing and conversations with others in Thai that might have involved me or might not have, we finally compromised and I submitted the form. 

Almost at once, an error page appeared. My handler looked at it for a few minutes and finally informed me,

“The website is down. Come back in a few days.”

“A few day?” I asked in surprise. Not like, 20 minutes? No, a few days. 

Before I left, though, there was the small matter of a photo to be glued to my I.D. Did I have one with me? I handed him a passport size picture. 

No, no! That was far too big. He needed a picture the size of my thumbnail. I told him I neither had such a photo nor knew where to get one. 

He looked shocked! Did I not have a picture of myself in the school uniform? 

Now I looked shocked! What school uniform? I was told I did not need one!

More conversations in Thai with the others in the office. More hemming and hawing. Finally, he concluded with “Come back in a few days” and all but shut the door in my face. 

So here I am! Still no access to WiFi or the library. I wish I knew if a few days meant “Friday” or “Monday” or some other time yet! Based on the attitude of those in the office, I am sure I will get it wrong! 



I wrote yesterday’s post while half asleep. You can tell because I forgot to tag it with anything. Today, I am much more alert! But instead of continuing my ramble about the trip over (I promise I will get back to it!), I will tell you about today!

Because after being in Thailand for almost two weeks and attending classes for one of those weeks…I officially registered for classes today

Yes, it took this long. For comparison, I would have registered for classes if I stayed in Wisconsin back in…November? 

I feel a bit more official now that professors know to look for my face. Unfortunately, the class I was really looking forward to (Law of the Sea) got canceled because of lack of interest. I know, right? Who would not want to take Law of the Sea?! We were told that if we got 4 students, then maybe the school would let us continue. Alas, only 3 showed up. So close, so far. 

I am almost afraid to officially list the classes I am enrolled in because I feel like I am missing something. But, barring anything unexpected, I am taking: 

  • Fundamental Rights
  • Natural Resource and Environmental Law for Business 
  • Law on Information Technology 
  • Law on International Business Transactions 
  • International Investment Law

(For those who have been privy to my back and forth debate about taking Constitutional Law, I decided that even the comparative opportunity of learning about the Thai Constitution could not make up for the fact that the sophomore level class fairly bored me to tears. After studying Locke, Rousseau, and Hobbes at Oxford, it is hard to take an entry level class about their works.)  

I’m looking forward to exploring these classes!

Post-Finals Cleanup

Cleaning up my apartment post-finals is kind of how I imagine it feels to clean up after a crazy, parents-aren’t-home party like in the movies. Except less fun because instead of partying, I was wallowing in stress and studying. 

But seriously, when did I buy chocolate pudding cups? Why are there pretzels on my bookshelf? And coffee mugs by my bedside? 

Maybe instead of post-party this is more like what it feels like to have amnesia. How did I use 11 pots and what did I do to balance them so perfectly in the sink? Do I have any clean laundry anywhere? Why is my planner on top of the fridge? Wasn’t I looking for that…

End Final, New Semester


*finishes final*

I do not want to think about law school ever again!

*one minute later*

*finally gets class options for next semester* 

I CAN TAKE LAW OF THE SEA? That sounds amazing. Let’s start tomorrow. 


If you happen to notice neon pink, yellow, and blue on my hands, sofa, and clothing…that’s proof I have been studying all day. I probably don’t need to highlight as much as I do, but it keeps me awake. 

One more final to go tomorrow! (But an 8 hour one so I’m bracing myself O.O)


Gatorade Confessions

I bought a Gatorade but I can’t get the cover off. For days I have ripped at it without making a dent. So today I bought one of those 8-packs of Gatorade so if one doesn’t open, I have another option.

This is what my life has become.

An Epic Final

Today as I settled down in the law school library to take my 8-hour take home final, the pipes decided to start banging. They do that, upon occasion. Imagine you’re sitting there, in a conversation whe…

Bang bang bang.

Constantly interrupts everything.

It is most

Bang bang bang.

Annoying. And unfortunately impacts every part of the library. The librarians say the pipes bang because of temperature changes. Erg. But the countdown started on my final and I didn’t want to waste time moving all my stuff. 

Bang. Bang. Bang.

To avoid the noise, I put in earbuds and went to my go-to DJs…my siblings. Usually Anna, but this time Elijah had the perfect playlist for me. Epic battle music. 

No, seriously, it is several days worth of the best battle/intense soundtracks out there. (Search Epic/Intense Battle Music on Spotify) My essay on why Chevron deference creates a separation of powers problem is going to be way more exciting than my professor bargained for. It is hard to write sedately with the rising sound of battle in your ears.