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2020 Goals

Keeping it simple this year. And every year. 

  • Read more books than last year
  • Graduate 
  • Get a job

What are your New Year’s Resolutions? 

A Decade of Change

The last decade saw me from my sophomore year in high school to 3L year in law school! 

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What a fun adventure it has been! Thank you all for being part of it ❤ 

~ 2019 ~

As 2019 ends, I feel like I am recovering from a marathon. What a year it has been! Between international travel, TAing, and commuting 3 hours a day this summer, I packed in quite a bit. And I am tired. But at least it wasn’t as bad as Fall 2018! I never want to live through that kind of stress again.

The big adventure of 2019 was obviously Thailand. What a mixed bag that trip turned out to be! I am finally far enough away to feel grateful for all the lessons learned and people met during those tumultuous five months. I especially appreciate the continued friendship of the church family I met there. Yet I am close enough to still feel a stab of panic when thinking about my trip. I mostly blame Thammasat University and their total lack of structure. But small children cursing me out in the street sure didn’t help. Thankfully, I made it through because of some awesome people!

Then I came home and got a job in Madison while living at home and commuted 3 hours a day. The job I loved. I am incredibly grateful for all the opportunities to learn and the many facets of running a non-profit foundation I got to take ownership of. But the drive was not fun! And the gas mileage on my mini-van left much to be desired!

Finally, the start of my 3L semester where I juggled being a full-time student, working a part time job, TAing, and law review! The highlight was a trip to Virginia to watch one of my best friends get engaged. And I got to visit another friend in Minnesota!  

It was a year of ups and downs and right-arounds! Here’s to a (hopefully) more level 2020!

future looking


Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve, friends! I hope you all have a wonderful day. I’ve got the house to myself for a very brief moment before the rest of my family returns from various Christmas related activities. It is quite peaceful. I hit my final reading goal for the year. 

I will probably keep saying this what with all the holidays one after another but…thank you to all my readers! To friends and family and strangers. I appreciate your continued support and love. It keeps me motivated. 

Cleaning Day

I’ve promised myself all semester that come Christmas break, I would reorganize my room. The rest of the place needs cleaning too so I told myself today I would clean the whole apartment after I reorganized my room.

I got through my closet. 

Granted, it was the most disorganized part of my room. But it took the whole day. And now I am really tired. 

Case in point: I started this blog post and then zoned out and forgot about it. Twice. 

Organizing is exhausting. I’m ready for bed. 

Goodwill Haul

Two guys walk into Goodwill: “Ah, man, they’re playing Justin Bieber.” They then turn around and leave.

I didn’t know Justin Bieber even still had those kind of haters.

My sister went to visit cousins this weekend and my aunt met me halfway to pick her up. It just so happened we met near my favorite Goodwill. 

I told myself I’d just go in for a quick walk through. Browse the books, maybe. A half-hearted poke through dresses because someone usually donates unworn Lula Roe. 

I left two hours later with a giant bag of clothing, a fabulous pair of boots, and 4 books. I probably would have ended up with more if they weren’t closing. 

It is just such a great store. 

Splinter Emergency

Bethany: “Me getting a splinter was the most interesting part of your day?”

Yes, yes it was.

Bethany got a splinter at work today. It was an impressively long one and went deep into her thumb. As soon as we got home, she made a beeline to the bathroom to pull it out.

Alas, like many things in this apartment, she decided I was woefully unequipped.

Bethany: “Do we have needles?”

Me: “Probably. Grandma gave me a sewing kit. But I’m not sure where it is.”

Bethany: “How about a push-pin?”

Me: “Oh, I’ve got one of those.”

Bethany: “What are you handing me?”

Me: “I think you are supposed to use it to start a cell phone. But it looks nice and pointy.”

Bethany: “Hmmm.”

Me: “Oh look! I found the sewing kit. Want me to sterilize the needle?” 

Bethany: “Hmmm.” 

Me: “What candle to use?”

Bethany: “What are you even talking about?”

Me: “You know! You stick the needle in the flame and it kills the germs.”

Bethany: “Hmmm.”

Me: “The only candle I have is Tahitian Coconut.” 

*Bethany sticks the needle in the flames* 

Bethany: “That did not work.”

Me: “Why did it turn black?”

Bethany: “Don’t we just have rubbing alcohol?” 

Me: “Sure!” *manages to squirt everywhere*

Bethany: “Okay, I dug it out. Now I need tweezers so you can pull it out.” 

Me: *produces tweezers*

Bethany: “Why are they so big? Fine, sanitize them.”

Me: *sticks in the flame. They turn black.* “Well, that didn’t work.”

*cleans with rubbing alcohol* 

Bethany: “Why are your hands shaking? All you have to do is pull out the splinter!”

Me: “I don’t like this stuff. I could not be a doctor. Wouldn’t it be funny if I fainted? What a blog post.”

Bethany: “That would not be funny.”

We got the splinter out. I did not faint. Movies lie: candles do not work for sterilizing things.