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Epic Tour

One of the guys in my Bible study took us on a tour of Epic today. If you don’t know Epic, it is a medical software company here in Madison and has super cool offices. Each building is a different theme. And not just theme in that the pictures match or something. I mean buildings that look like castles or barns or chocolate factories. 

There is a Harry Potter themed building. An Alice in Wonderland building. A Wizard of Oz building. A fairy tale building. A farm building. And so much more! 

My friend calls it Disney world without the fun. 

It is truly incredible. There are even slides in some of the buildings! 

Image result for epic madison wi

Image result for epic madison wi

Image result for epic madison wi

Image result for epic madison wi

Personalities On The Bus

You would not think it, but 8:30 pm is a pretty sketchy time to take the bus. It smells like pot and body odor. Tonight, though, it proved pretty entertaining. A certain individual had clearly taken allllllllllll the drugs and was uttering nuggets of, er, wisdom. Here were a few of his utterances. (No transition between them in person!)  

  • “Forget Madison! Let’s go to Canada and live in my mansion!”
  • “No one says anything because no one thinks anything, but I talk anyway because it is about the experience you bring.”
  • “Math is funny. All phone numbers are composed of the same numbers.”
  • “Where we are going you need to be smarter than the dog behind the fence. You need to get around the fence. But the dog can’t. Madison is the fence. And it is just like Madison, Tennessee.”
  • “I believe that everyone believes in anything. But I also believe in everything.”
  • “Beware of fruit drinks. Believe me, man. You are talking to a global warrior.”

Mega Church

Bethany and I visited a megachurch today and it had…A PARKING GARAGE. 

No joke.

It was a huge building with three separate auditoriums in the main church (and three campuses.) 

But despite its size, the church was super friendly and several people (on staff and off) said hello. It wasn’t a great Sunday to visit since they were vision casting but I definitely think we will be back. And with services offered at 9 different times…it sure is easy to go! 

Korean Food in Madison

My sister and I have officially found our go-to place for Korean food in Madison: New Seoul Restaurant.

It is tiny and authentic only in a way a place run by two people can be. (Total supposition but from what we can tell the owner waits tables while his wife cooks in the back!) The menu looked like something I would find in Korea and the food was delicious.

And the kimchi? Probably some of the best I have ever had.

We liked it so much we had a long discussion about the merits of moving closer. (Pros: delicious Korean food. Con: there goes our budget.)

Children’s Sermon

Pastor: *during children’s sermon* “And how do we get to heaven?”

Children: “We DIEEEEEEEE’!”

Pastor: …

Congregation: …

Me: “Well, they are not wrong.”

Bethany: *smacks me*

Grading Papers

I dislike grading papers because most aren’t very good but I feel bad every time I give someone less than an A. Mostly because I cannot imagine anyone would be satisfied with less than an A. It is like I am dealing the ultimate humiliation….a B. Or, gasp, a C

But some of the papers need serious work. Like, the-5-page-paper-consists-of-4-paragraphs kind of work.

And some of these sentences…just…well…see for yourself. 

  • “Being true to his evasive nature, Socrates’ loose construction of metaphors lays the groundwork for this definition of justice without any hard evidence.”
  • “The squirrel eats when it’s hungry, drinks when it’s thirsty, and procreates, well, whenever. It very much does not write essays or study geometry, as far as we know at least.”
  • “As the group became dissatisfied with these definitions, Socrates conjured his own. He meandered around the question, elaborately constructing the ideal City.”
  • “Say a man was preparing to steal a pig from his neighbor. A rational man will see that this will take a food source away from his pig, as well as make him a criminal.”
  • “To conclude: the term “soul’s eye” has two parts, the soul and the eye.” 
  • [And my personal favorite] “Despite what it might seem like, Plato’s Republic is not an early version of The Hunger Games.”

Forget Plato, though. The next discussion group we’re going to have a long talk about the proper use of semi colons. (Hint: when in doubt, don’t.) 

0 to 80

One of the perks of the apartment Bethany and I live in is that we don’t pay for heat. But we have discovered why. (At least in part.) If they actually made us pay for heat, they would also have to fix the heat settings. 

As it is, our apartment has two settings: icebox or sauna.

To get any heat to come out, you literally have to crank the dial past 80. And then it does its very best to comply. But turn it even a few notches to the left and the heat will turn off completely. 

A delicate balancing act emerges. Our new goal is to discover the secret of keeping it going just long enough to make the apartment comfortable, but not so long as to actually boil us alive.