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Prom sneak peek…

My youngest sister had her junior prom tonight! She will share more pictures later on Facebook but here is a sneak peek of my favorite picture of her…

Merry Christmas! 

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you have a special day! 

COLD! And sleepy…

It is 6 degrees out! The winter sun and I have a lot in common….

How the winter sun works:


I now have 1600 read books on Goodreads! Whoot whoot! 😄 

I am also up to 150 books for the year so far. Only 10 more to go until I meet my goal.

It is the little things…

I don’t mean to brag, but I finished a tube of Chapstick. No biggie 😉😁


In case you hadn’t noticed. 

The election is tomorrow! Make sure you vote!

An extra hour of sleep

I could really rename this blog Amy and the Quest for More Sleep. Compared to the rest of America, I guess I sleep a lot. I average 9 hours. But I seem to blog about this a lot. I guess that is because I blog before going to bed half the time and I am usually dead tired by that point. Like right now.

This all basically to say, I appreciate the extra hour of sleep and I am going to go to bed now because even if my brain thinks it is 8:30, it is now 9:30 and I am tired. 


I was going to write a blog post about driving and how challenging it can be to be a passenger when you’re used to being in the driver seat, but tonight I am exhausted so maybe I’ll save that for another day. At my most conservative estimate, I have logged over a thousand miles of driving this past week. I am too tired to think beyond that fact or remember a clever story from today…I will try better tomorrow. Sleep well everyone! I am not setting an alarm clock and I’m very excited about this. 😁

Siblings <3

Although Siblings Day is long past, busy schedules prevented my siblings and I from meeting up until today. I was pretty stressed about it. I had a headache all afternoon and felt like I wasn’t prepared to leave the office yet. I forced myself to leave work, mentally fretting about everything left undone. 

It was totally worth it. I am so glad I had this evening with my siblings. I needed a chance to laugh and play and not be stressed. We exchanged gifts and swapped stories; it was really fun and encouraging. Siblings are the best kind of friends. No matter how different we may be, our shared memories, personalities, and interests always bring us back together! 

Bring October Back!

As a Wisconsinite, snow in October doesn’t phase me. I don’t mind cold. I can even stand rain. But humidity? 70s and sunny? This weather is so strange!

Yesterday I wore a hoodie. Today I am in shorts and a t-shirt! What is with this! However, it is good for those of us who are canvassing every day. Such beautiful (but strange) weather!