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Cooking with my Sister

I’ve been known for my odd cooking choices. But my sister is always finding quirky recipes! So you’d think we would blend some way, wouldn’t you? 

This is how mac n cheese went.

Me: “If we don’t have milk, we can use the coconut milk.”

Sister: “Gross.”

Me: “It will make it sweet! Then we add kimchi. Sweet and spicy.”

Sister: “Rejected.”

Me: “You know what we should mix with this butter? Onions!”

Sister: “No.”

Me: “Oh yeah, our mac n cheese needs onions and kimchi…maybe some garlic…” 

Sister: “Someday, you’re going to have your own restaurant and serve all this weird food that no one else would think to try. And no one in your family will go.”


Milk Seafood Cup Ramen

Image result for milk seafood  tsunami

“Milk seafood” sounds absolutely terrible. How could I resist? 

Weirdly, though, it was actually really good! I think I would rank it in top 3 best cup ramens I’ve found. It actually tasted like the ingredients belonged together. Looks like there is also a “Volcano Cheese” flavor. I must find it!

More Food!

No April Fool’s Joke, people here eat shrimp on pizza.

In fact, I would say at least half the local Domino’s menu came with seafood on top. If you’re looking for something..less, there is the vegetarian option. It comes with a heavy dose of…corn!

Speaking of seafood…

Grilled right in front of you! Yummy even after consuming an entire pizza.

Papaya v. Mango

“Excuse me, is this a papaya or mango?” I ask the store clerk as I hand her the unidentifiable green fruit. If a papaya, I just found a delicious fruit on sale. If mango…well, I just found one of my worst allergies.

“Mango,” she informs me. 

Regretfully, I tell her I do not want it and hand her my other purchases. She shouts something in Thai but I’m too busy counting out my change to pay much attention. And then someone walks over with a huge green fruit and hands it to her. 

And that is how I ended up buying an organic papaya the size of my head. 

Hot Americanos*

*(For clarity, I mean coffee, not hot Americans. But they’re nice too)

I have yet to find a decent, hot Americano here in Thailand. Most people drink their coffee over ice. In this hot culture, it makes sense. But between over-air conditioned classrooms and pure American stubbornness, I like my morning cup of coffee hot. 

The problem is, unless I make it myself, hot coffee tastes terrible here.

Iced Americanos? No complaint. 

The same barista making a hot Americano? Spit-it-out. (Don’t even get me started on espressos, lattes, or mochas.)

And you know it is bad because I am not a coffee snob. I learned to drink coffee by consuming Folger’s instant. I can grow to appreciate almost anything. Except…maybe this.

It is such a little thing, almost too little to bother writing a blog post about, since I just make it myself most days. But it struck me forcibly this morning after I ordered my hot coffee and repeated the “hot” part to the puzzled barista about three times. Maybe the problem isn’t the hot coffee itself but that almost everyone drinks their coffee super sweet here? I don’t find the same problem with unsweetened, iced coffee, though!

Taco Bell

What’s better than fake American-Mexican fast food in Thailand? 

Well, just about everything, truth be told, but my friend and I could not resist swinging by on our way back from church today. 

It is a much, much, much more limited menu than I am used to and everything comes spicy already. But it was good! Salty and spicy and different from any Taco Bell I’ve had in the States, but worth trying. 

They gave me (the obvious Westerner with low spice tolerance) one sauce packet and my friend (who can pass for a Thai) two sauce packets. (We run into little thing like this frequently, but usually it is panhandlers or taxi drivers only approaching me and ignoring her.) 

These packets are big compared to their American counterparts…and only come in one kind:

The funniest part of Taco Bell was this sweet old lady surrounded by (presumably) her kids and grandkids. They all looked so wholesome and happy with their inter-generational meal that I felt like I walked into a Taco Bell commercial or something. 

On a somewhat unrelated note but on the topic of weird food, today I tried this:

The first sip is all “Hmmm, Coca Cola” and then you get the aftertaste and your brain is like “Coffee?????” 

Very weird. Don’t see it becoming a hit in the States. 

Street Food: Crickets & Grub Edition

You know me! I see something gross, I must try.

And they weren’t bad! The little old lady selling them added a little bit of soy sauce and garlic salt and shook it around a bit

Very crunchy and salty – not much of a meal, but not a bad snack. The most difficult part was stabbing the exoskeletons with the wooden sticks.

The fun of walking around casually eating them while occasionally catching someone staring made it totally worth it. 

Definitely couldn’t make it through the whole bag, though. There must have been a good pound of crickets and grubs in there!

P/C Mu Kwee Yeh