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Korean Food and Bubble Tea

“What is this?” my sister Bethany asks the passing waiter. She gestures to the weird, wobbly, white and pink thing on her fork. 

For a moment, he looks similarly baffled. “I don’t know…I usually get the ramen when I eat here. My Mom makes Asian food at home.” Apparently this is his reason for not eating more diversely at the Korean restaurant where he works. Seeing our incredulous expressions, he hazards, “Maybe it is crab?” 

Another waitress walks by. He calls her over. “What is that?”

“Rice cake,” she says calmly. 

In surprise, we all stare at it for a moment. Rice cake. Right.

For the record, this is what the rest of Bethany’s lunch looked like:

My Mom, my two sisters, and I went out for Korean today!

 (My lunch…yummm)

Following lunch, we went shopping and bought bubble tea.

I do not think I have quite sold my family on the merits of bubble tea yet, but eventually I will. It is so refreshing (and fun!) 

Tom + Chee

Tonight I ate at Tom + Chee, a restaurant that specializes in grilled cheese. (You might have seen them on Shark Tank.) My sandwich was yummy but it was the desert that really stole the show: 

That’s right…grilled cheese donuts.

It is a weird combination that totally works. 

Sentry Food’s Wings

Today my search for good wings (see my post about Pizza Hut) continued. This time, I went to Sentry Food’s grocery store and bought a selection of wings. Once again, I grabbed a couple of my teenage volunteers to help evaluate. Our conclusion? Better than Pizza Hut, still not good. 

The wings had been sitting out when we bought them and, while warm, were incredibly chewy and tough. They didn’t leave a nasty aftertaste like the Pizza Hut ones, but they also were not something we wanted to try again. Even eating them with the teenagers, there were wings left over.

Time to find Option C.

Pizza Hut Wings

Today I ordered Pizza Hut wings for my volunteers for dinner. It was…well, an experience. There were a lot of wings left over, and I was feeding teenage boys! Usually anything chicken is devoured within seconds, especially if it involves wings. However, the Pizza Hut wings were not that great. 

It is possible I just didn’t order the right sauces…we stayed on the mild side of the spice chart. However, I am not sure it will be worth going back to try anything else. Time to find Plan B. 

In Search of a Shamrock Shake

Tonight I was driving a van full of teenagers home when I decided to take them out for a treat first. I took a roundabout route and we went into McDonalds for shamrock shakes. Not surprisingly, their shake machine was broken. I don’t think I have ever been into this particular McDonalds when their shake machine was working, but I’m eternally optimistic. Unfortunately, we now had ice cream on the brain and there was none to be had.

Instead of going to the Culvers one block away, or just giving up the plan, we decided to find another McDonalds…and we did! 20 minutes away and on the opposite side of town. Thankfully, their machine was working. Totally worth it! 

Sushi v. Sashimi 

Sushi – raw fish with rice 
Sashimi – raw fish without rice 

My team learned this the hard way tonight at dinner when we ordered sushi and sashimi and expected a mix of raw and cooked fish. Instead, we got all raw. Half the table wouldn’t touch it. More for me!! Yummmm. 

The fish eggs were surprisingly good. 

Finding Food

What does this picture represent, besides the fact that I am eating solid food finally? A 4th attempt at finding food! 

My co-workers and I went out for dinner tonight and had the hardest time finding a place to eat!  We opted for sushi first but the place was closed for a private event. Doesn’t that sound classy? But anyway, no sushi for us. Next we opted for Irish. We walk several more blocks only to find the place closed. Then we decided to head towards the pub we regularly go to…but they had a 20-30 minute wait time. 

Finally, we trudged a few more blocks and found a place with immediate seating and FOOD! Hurray!