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My friend sent me this YouTube video and I laughed so hard I knew I needed to share….and then I went on a rabbit trail so here are my favorites. Enjoy!

Wisconsin Culture

Today in Evidence class we studied evidence offered as a character attribute (not allowed in court) versus evidence offered about a habit (generally allowed.) One of the defining attributes that differentiates the two is whether it is “morally ambiguous.” In other words, if the evidence tends to make the jury make a moral judgement about the defendant (i.e. he kicks puppies and so is a bad person), it probably won’t be allowed into court. (Probably?)

Anyway, one of the examples that came up today was a piece of evidence from a bartender stating that the defendant in a hit and run case came to the bar consistently for five years in a row every Saturday and Sunday night, drank vodka for an hour, got rowdy, and left. Thus, even though the bartender could not say that on that specific night the defendant was at the bar, he had a habit of drinking on Sunday nights which lines up with the hit and run. 

All this as background to say: the non-Wisconsin native professor took it as a given that “he drinks for an hour every Saturday and Sunday night” would obviously leave “negative” impression on the jury. 

And all of us from Wisconsin were like, “But would it? Would it really?”

Which made for a very funny debate.  

Because we Wisconsin natives had several caveats before we would agree that a habit of drinking regularly was more negative than “morally ambiguous.” 

Like, was he chugging vodka, or just nursing a glass? Social drinker or in isolation? Who defines “rowdy”? Was there a football game going on? 

The poor professor did not know what to do with us. I don’t know if we ever got to the real crux of his question. 

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A Compliment

“You are the best, as per usual.” 

So said the random lady at the store. I don’t know her; she doesn’t know me. I helped her find a particular brand of wine after the employees proved ineffective. (Should it worry me that I know the store’s alcohol section better than the employees? I promise I have only bought something there once or twice.) 

But by golly, she made my day.

Moving Day

Today was moving day! Or, moving night, technically. Evening.

It didn’t get off to a great start.

My Dad drove my van and it died on the way to Madison. That left me with only one minivan. Traffic was terrible. I meant to pick up pizza before my friends arrived to help me move but couldn’t get to that part of town and back to unlock my apartment in time. 

Everyone ended getting caught up in traffic so we didn’t actually start moving till 7. It took about 2 hours to get everything moved. It took about 10 minutes for my mood to go from Stressed to Joyful. 

My friends were awesome. I’m so grateful for their flexibility and kindness. They rolled with everything and quickly had me laughing. I’m looking forward to being back around them! 

Remembering I’m an Extrovet

Yesterday, my Mom kindly consented to join me at an AFP event and we headed into Milwaukee. I almost didn’t go. But I RSVPed and felt somewhat obliged to attend and there would be food.

I walked through the doors at the event, looked around the room, and saw people I knew. Moreover, people I liked. Former co-workers, bosses, and mentors. People I spent years fighting alongside. People I only know from Facebook. People I met once years ago. People I wanted to know. The AFP, grassroots world. In the flesh. 

I guess I just didn’t realize how much I missed that world. 

It was like a light flickered on in my head. ‘I know this situation. I am trained for this situation. I can go work the room. I can catch up on all the changes. Network.’

I often feel displaced in law school, to say nothing of the five months I spent in Thailand. But this was the opposite feeling of displacement. It was belonging. 

And I also realized, while I miss the people, I don’t necessarily miss the job. That is, given the chance to go back to my old position, I probably wouldn’t. I like the law. I like the extra layer of understanding I possess when I talk about policies impacting our state. 

I’m not sure where that leaves me, except with a strong reminder that I’m still becoming. No matter how stressful this past year, no matter how stressful the coming one, it is not the last chapter. I’ve got people rooting for me. People who trained me, mentored me, and pushed me forward. And right now a new batch of people train, mentor, and push me. But that doesn’t mean the last bunch forgot about me. They’re still my people. I’m just also getting more people. 

More than anything, the evening reminded me that I’m an extrovert and need to spend more time with people who fill me up. 

Which leads me to a major thank you to my introverted mother for sticking around much later than she wanted while I caught up with people. She also had to deal with my giddy rambling on the drive back. My Mom is the real MVP.

Zoo Day

For the second weekend in a row, my whole family got together for an adventure. (Except Bethany 😦 She’s in Idaho this summer.) It was super fun. 

The thing is, we didn’t really see animals. We go for my Dad’s company picnic and they always have lots of food scattered around. So that’s what we do. We eat our way through the zoo! 

This was a particularly fun trip because we had my nephew along. 8 months and he probably out ate us all. 

Clerk of Courts

Today I got to walk across the street and deliver a brief to the clerk of courts. 

AKA, my favorite activity ever.

Since I started my job about a year and a half ago, delivering a physical copy of the completed brief became my particular role. And I love it. I love the feeling of walking with a giant stack of papers (why do 7 Supreme Court justices need 23 copies of the same 30+ page paper?!) I love walking in, handing them over, and receiving the confirming stamp. Then walking back. 

I get such a thrill from it. All that energy and hours of work climaxing in the moment I walk through the doors of the Clerk of Court.

The only thing more fun might be getting the decision back from the Supreme Court. But even then I’m not sure. The buildup is the best.