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Unsalted Nuts

The secretary of the board showed up yesterday to the board meeting hungry. As I was running around all day preparing for the meeting and didn’t get a chance to eat my lunch, I offered him my halved walnuts.

Raw, no shell English Walnut Halves - Nuts -

He politely accepted but after a moment complained, “Really? Raw and unsalted walnut halves? You’ve been talking to my wife. She is always trying to get me to cut down on sodium.”

My boss heard the comment from across the room and spun around. “Unsalted nuts…again? She always brings unsalted peanuts. It is disgusting.”

Unsalted peanuts are a long-standing feud in our office. (I’ve taken to buying salted peanuts and unsalted—the unsalted for me and the salted for whoever wanders into my office while I’m eating.)

The chairman of the board decided to weigh in: “My wife is also against salt.” He decided to sample the walnuts too.


By this point I had half the board standing around my walnuts, eyeing them suspiciously. But still sampling them because…well, it was the only food in the office.

I don’t even know if salted walnuts are a thing? Looks like the next board meeting is going to have to include snacks.

Nylons for the Board Meeting

Today I had my first board meeting at the Foundation. It went pretty well. I took special care of my outfit for the day–which included nylons with my business dress.

Bethany could not understand the nylons. I tried to explain that it was a way of being professional. She was not convinced.

Which led to an interesting conversation but I’m tired tonight so I’ll let Phineas and Ferb say it for me 😉

How to Add Pictures

As a follow up to yesterday’s post about my work’s website, I feel like I should mention how much of a challenge it was adding the background pictures.

It took weeks to figure out.

I could not understand it. The “theme preview” showed a photo so I knew it was possible. But nothing worked! Not adding header images, or background images, or changing the theme. Not directly pasting photos into the post. Not clicking on every button I could find.

My friend came to help me with the website, but pictures stumped her too. She tried Google. Then YouTube. We downloaded plugins, attempted coding, and clicked, clicked, clicked, on every button we could find. Nothing.

Finally, she started calling her friends in IT. None of them knew how to help us. As she attempted to explain what we wanted, she pulled up the website for the coffee shop where she works which has a similar photo banner. She called her boss to find out how she got it.

And the boss told us. No add ons, no plugins, no coding. Go onto the post. Click “Featured image.” Choose a photo. Wallah.

And sure enough, it was that simple.

Technology is confusing.

Website Triumphs

If you have spent any time around me in person over the last few weeks (or really, last two years) you will know that my work’s website has been the bane of my existence for quite some time.

I don’t have a really good shot of what it used to look like, but here is a screen shot I took a few weeks back:

Tolerable but dated. I could point out the numerous problems (including the fact that the e-mail address listed doesn’t work), but I think it speaks for itself.

And while it is not quite finished yet, this is what the website looks like today…

Isn’t it so much better?! I could just sit and stare at it.

I like to think that if the law thing doesn’t work out, I could go into designing websites. (Just kidding, I still don’t know what I am doing.)

Thanks to everyone who offered advice and put up with my constant, unsolicited questions! (And to Kayla who helped me figure out how to upload photos…but that is a story for another post.)

Bethany Suggests TikTok

Me: “And so I finally got the Twitter up and running for the Foundation.”

Bethany: “What you need is a TikTok.”

Me: “For…a legal foundation? That can barely manage Twitter?”

Bethany: “My generation likes TikTok. I bet not a lot of lawyers have it but it could be really funny. You could totally inspire them to grow up and work for your Foundation some day.”

Me: “I’m not sure we have the subject matter for it.”

Bethany: “You sue the government. Gen Z hates the government. It totally would work.”

Me: “Our current case focuses on extra regulations placed on high capacity well petitions by an agency acting outside its legislatively delegated authority. How do we turn that into a TikTok dance?”

Bethany: * long pause* “Yeah, maybe not. Pity you don’t have anyone really, really attractive in your office. We could have made that work.”


“Tech Support”

Day 4 on the job and I managed to break the Foundation’s website.

Ironically, it happened after I sent a triumphant e-mail to my boss telling him I worked out all the bugs and our website was finally ready for general distribution. The day went something like this:

Email 1: Just letting you know I fixed all the dead links and our website is ready for distribution.

Email 2: Did you know we have a Twitter that hasn’t been updated since 2016? And people have been tweeting at us?

Email 3: Can I please, please, please get the login and password information for the super old, ugly, out of date Twitter account? It is embarrassing me.

Email 4: We have a form on our website for people to sign up for “our newsletter.” We don’t have a newsletter. What does the form do with the information of people who sign up?

Email 5: No, but seriously, who has the Twitter password?

Email 6: Um, so, I might have broken the website.

Email 7: I think I fixed it.

Email 8: Nope, broken again. Does this mean anything to you? ‘Cause this is the only thing I’m seeing.
“Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function eregi_replace() in /home2/llf/public_html/wwcms/wp-content/plugins/link-indication/link-indication.php:315 Stack trace: #0 [internal function]: LinkIndication->ParseLinks(Array) #1 /home2/…”

Email 9: Fixed for real this time. It was a plugin error. What even is a plugin?

Email 10: So, I lost the “donate here” button on our website...



Three years of law school to get a job failing at Tech Support.

“First” Day of Work!

I am officially a salary woman again! I started my new position today as Counsel and Director of Development at the Foundation.

And I spent the day on my couch in my PJs, much like every day since quarantine started. My boss is out of town and work is still on lockdown. Exciting stuff.

But hey, it is a start.