Swimming Across the Pond

I spent the Fall of 2013 studying abroad with Summit Oxford. I am so grateful for the wonderful opportunity I was given. My experience in England started this blog. I’m leaving this page up as a continual reminder to myself and any person who may stumble upon it that God provides.

Oxford Updates –


God has been good. I’m overwhelmingly blessed with how things have been working out financially and with this new program. There are 12 of us going – 6 girls and 6 boys. I am the only one from Bryan College. It’s going to be a really great experience.  Still don’t know why God so suddenly changed programs but I think I am going to eventually know why. There is something about Summit Oxford I’m supposed to experience. What a totally awesome opportunity!
My school has agreed to return/give/apply my scholarship to this program. YAY! That was a huge prayer request. Through the generosity of many, many people who have blessed my socks off I have tuition almost entirely covered, food for my trip, my plane ticket purchased, a backpack and a camera! I am so overwhelming blessed and in awe of God’s goodness. It’s going to be exciting to see what He has in store for me during this trip!


The good news! My school has agreed to give me my scholarship back. The bad news….I have to switch study abroad programs to receive it. I’m currently in a time crunch to apply, get accepted, and get all the paperwork in to study with Summit Oxford. It’s a good program and I think might* even prove to be a better opportunity than the program I am currently going with. However, it’s a little frustrating how last minute it all is. Please pray that I will be able to get these essays written! And who knows? I may make them doubly useful and post them on the blog.

*Might…maybe….we’ll see! Trying to be optimistic here.


Welcome to the Oxford Updates! From here I will post updates of my journey to study abroad at Oxford University in England. Many have asked me if it is a done-deal that I’m going now. It is…and it isn’t. See, here is the list:

Get accepted to study abroad program √
Renew passport  √
Financially be able to afford studying abroad

Still waiting on that third one. Money is my biggest difficulty right now. I am waiting to find out if my school will return my Presidential Scholarship for the semester. Because I won’t be studying on campus, I am currently losing the money I would normally receive. My scholarship is a substantial reason I can afford to go to college, and obviously is pretty important in getting to England. Oxford becomes possible with my scholarship. Without it, the financial burden is huge.

My prayer request is that the scholarship will come in. I will hopefully be getting an answer soon.

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