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A movie worth seeing once…

Since January 1st, I have been to the movies 9 times (a high number for me!) but have only seen 5 movies. I end up watching them twice! I saw Sing, Moana, Beauty and the Beast, and now Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 twice in theaters. The one exception is the Lego Batman Movie, which surprises me because I was most looking forward to that one. (I just Googled it and there is a showing of Lego Batman at a theater in Oak Creek…if I hustle, I could make it…just kidding, not that committed.)  

Prior to this year, I don’t think I have ever seen a movie twice in theaters. It just doesn’t logically make sense to pay that much to see the same movie. Yet I have done it 4 times this year! Why?! Have the movies been that much better? I don’t think so. It is more that I have a lot of friends I like seeing movies with…so I go, again and again. 

Though I know it doesn’t make sense financially, I like seeing movies in theaters more than once. The second time around I get to remember my previous thoughts and emotions as well as experience new ones as I pay attention to other details. Perhaps what I am really enjoying is just seeing the movie twice in a short span of time. I wonder if I would enjoy the experience as much with a regular DVD?

I conclude from this: a movie worth seeing once is worth seeing twice!


Books Vs. Time

I have barely read anything since the month of April began and I am seriously stressed out by that. I had a nice lead on my 2017 Reading Challenge and it is slowly dwindling away. To combat this, I have gone to the library several times and checked out a plethora of books. 

The thing is, that is not where the problem lies. It isn’t that I do not want to read, it is that I do not have time to read. While I know that, I don’t like acknowledging it. It is so much easier to think, ‘Oh, I just need to find the right book to get me reading,’ than it is to think, ‘I need to manage my time better if I want to read later.’

However, I have been very responsible and have not been reading. My overflowing library basket can attest to that! 

EDIT: Also, full disclosure, I’ve been watching more K Dramas than normal so that might also play a part in this.

2017 Reading Goal: February

Since I find myself occasionally daunted by my reading goal of 170, I have decided to do a monthly “reading goal update.” I’m hoping this will help keep me inspired and on track. So what were my goals?

  • 170 books
  • 25 re-read books
  • Get my to-read list down from 960 to 900 (and keep it there!) 
  • Read some Plato, Aristotle, Augustine, and Aquinas

So far this year I have read, drum roll please, 30 books! That means I am currently 7 books ahead of where I need to be to stay on track for the year. However, since I haven’t begun tackling the Greek philosophers or early Church Fathers, I figure the lead won’t last long. The more books between me and the red, the better. 

As far as re-reading goes, I’ve only re-read 1 book but Goodread’s new re-reading option has me jazzed to read more, so I am not too worried. 

My to-read list is currently at 937. I’m rather proud of that. I might actually succeed at keeping it below 900 this year. 

I already noted the lack of Plato in my literary diet. I suppose I should start this part of my challenge soon.  

Overall, though, not a bad start, eh? 


Challenged By My Challenge

I am going to sound ridiculous saying this, particularly because I set the goal for myself, but I am finding my reading challenge this year quite….challenging! Usually if I can’t keep ahead of the goal I lower it. Chances are I will catch up eventually, but 110 books, for example, is much easier to reach than 160. Small successes (like being a few books ahead) breeds more success. However, I’m determined not to do that this year. 

170 has been extraordinarily hard. I have managed to keep ahead…but barely! I am currently at 19 new books for the year. 

2017 Reading Goal: January

Thus far this year I have read 11 new books and 7 of those books received 2 stars. 1 received 1 star. It is not a very promising beginning. What makes it even more annoying is that all but one of these books came from my to-read list! My list is failing me! 

To remedy this, I picked up a book from the library that I remember reading once before and enjoying…Sorcery & Cecelia by Patricia C. Wrede and Caroline Stevermer. Would you believe it is not nearly as enjoyable the second time through?! Also, I think I’ve changed my mind on which hero I like best. This is quite distressing. I knew I should have re-re-re-re-read Dealing With Dragons (by the same author) instead! 

Actually, though, I think the real moral of the story is that I’ve been reading too much Young Adult fiction. I went to the library and collected a nice stack from both the children’s section and the adult’s. I’m hoping my ratings go up. 

State of the State 2017

Yesterday I got to hear Governor Walker give his State of the State address.

It was a lot of fun to be there and hear what he had to say. While I didn’t necessarily love everything he said, he set forward a good vision and I appreciate his firm stance against a gas tax increase. We already have a ridiculously high tax and there are other solutions that should be tried first. 

2017 Reading Goals

I am bad at New Years resolutions. I always forget them. However, there is one resolution I always remember…to read more books than the year before! This year I have set 4 specific reading goals.

The first is my goal on Goodreads: 

  • 170 books

Second, I want to focus on re-reading my favorite books and books I enjoyed as a kid, so within those 170 books, I’m setting a goal of: 

  • 25 re-read books

Third, I plan to continue focusing on my to-read list (the quality of books get better when I do!)

  • Get my to-read list down from 960 to 900 (and keep it there!) 

Fourth and finally, where last year I focused on European literary classics, this year I have challenged myself to read some of the ancient Greek classics (especially philosophy) and early church Fathers that have been on my to-read list for years

  • Read some Plato, Aristotle, Augustine, and Aquinas