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A Free Series

Today on Freebooksy I found a cozy mystery novel that did not look particularly interesting but was free so I downloaded it. Amazon then informed me that, seeing as how I bought the first one, I might be interested to know the sequel was also free today. 

So I downloaded the sequel, just in case the first one should turn out particularly good.

Then Amazon let me know…oh, by the way, the third one is also free.

So I downloaded that too…

Then the fourth…

Long story short there are 16 books in the series and I really hope it proves better than it looks because I downloaded them all. 

Law School Surveys Keep Me In Reading Material

I owe about 25% of the books on my Kindle to Bloomberg Law. Every few weeks someone sends out a survey inquiring about legal database preferences. (In effect, the legal versions of JSTOR or ProQuest or whatever it is kids use these days.) In exchange, they promise a $5 (or sometimes $10!) Amazon Gift Card. 

It is the best deal ever. 

I get to rant about how terrible Bloomberg Law is (I mean, have you ever tried doing legal research on that platform?!) and in exchange get money for my next Kindle book. 

Win, win. 

I’m thinking my next survey will go towards Haunting Mr. Darcy, a Pride and Prejudice retelling where Lizzie is a ghost. Promising, no? 😉 


Valentine’s Day and Kindle Books

Me: Soooooo, I know I have about 200 unread books on my Kindle, but I’m thinking since it is Valentine’s Day, I can justify buying another one. 

Friend: No. Read what you have. 

Me: I do not know what you mean by this word “no.” 

Friend: You have plenty of books you don’t need to buy another one.

Me: But it is a holiday. And holidays are great reasons to buy books!

Friend: No.

Me: How about I’m going on vacation and I need a beach read?

Friend: You are telling me one of those 200 books isn’t a beach read? 

Me: …but I could always use another beach read….

Friend: …

Me: And also I got an Amazon gift card for taking a survey! So I need to spend it. 

Friend: …

Me: Well, I don’t need to…but I could spend it right now!

Friend: …

Me: FINE. No new books. Probably. Even though it is JUST ME on Valentine’s Day and I’m not doing anything else to celebrate and it is not like I’m spending the money on something else…

Friend: 200 unread books.

Buying E-Books

I like books as much as the next girl (probably more) but I hate spending money. Thus, I love my local library. I love accessing e-books and not getting fined when they end up overdue. We’ve got a great relationship, the library book app and I. 

But I have a Kindle now and my brother gave me a gift card to fill it with books. So happily I sat down to compile a list of books I wanted to buy (mostly not available at my library) and went to purchase. 

But I hate spending the money. Even if it is gift card money. It is soooooo hard to convince myself that I need books over…over anything else. My heart starts racing. My blood pressure spikes. I internally start screaming. 

$3! You just spent $3 on a book. You probably could have gotten it for free at the library. What do you mean you need reading material for Thailand? Figure out something else! Ahhhhh! $3 indeed. 

I do not know if I should treat this like a band-aid and buy them all at once and get it over with, or slowly buy books and prolong the stress. The thing is, if I were at Goodwill I wouldn’t stress about spending $3 on a book. Maybe it is different because I can’t hold it in my hand and see where the money went. 

Dry-Wick Shirts (Part II)

For Part I of this fascinating saga, click here.

I initially hypothesized that the bright, pastel colors for women’s dry wick shirts came from safety concerns. After all, if highlighter colors show more restraint than your shirt, no one is going to hit you with a car.  (Probably.)

That might be the case. But I have uncovered a second reason for the dearth of options. I have read just about every Amazon review out there for long sleeve, dry-wick shirts and let me tell you: the only other people buying these clothes are middle aged women going on holiday at Disney World. 

Do young people not care about their skin? Or are they scared away by the lack of options like I am? Do they not buy the clothing because it is ugly, or is it ugly because no buys it? Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Who can tell? 

All I know is:

To buy or not to buy?

I can talk myself into buying anything. And probably talk you into buying anything, too. Unless you want to spend money, don’t go shopping with me. It is a skill and a curse. I know I possess super-rationalization powers…so I don’t trust anything I say.

This works 90% 5% of the time. 

What ends up happening is two unstoppable forces – my love of an impulse buy and my stubborn frugality – collide. One of three things subsequently happens. Either I hold out long enough to realize I don’t need the item, I hold out long enough to realize I do, or I stress so hard I accomplish nothing all day and irritate my friends by analyzing every detail of the purchase until I reach a conclusion. It is exhausting. 

Throw in a timeline to make a decision and, well, you have today!

I’ve been browsing Kindle prices this past week just in case I spotted a great deal. And today I found a decent deal. But do I really need a Kindle? I do read a lot on my phone. A Kindle would be better for my eyes. But I often read using the Libby app, so it is a matter of convenience not necessarily preference. Weighing my current life state, I don’t need a Kindle.

But I am going to Thailand. And I read a lot. I read 16 books in one weekend of travel. Imagine what I could accomplish with a semester of travel. Clearly I’m not bringing 100 physical books with me. The Kindle is perfect! I should buy it.

But then I have to buy books. That adds up. But where else am I going to get books otherwise? I can’t depend on local libraries. I need books. I don’t have other hobbies! I better get a Kindle. 

But am I buying a Kindle because I need a Kindle or because I want one? Do I absolutely need books next semester? (Yes.) Okay, is this the best way to get books? Maybe. I don’t know. But I also can’t think of any alternatives. But have I completely researched all Kindles? Do I know this one on sale is the absolute, 100% best fit for me? And does it matter if it isn’t, since I’m okay with the price? 

There is also…The Nook Incident. I bought a Nook once and subsequently never used it. I just couldn’t afford to buy books for it so it did not make sense to use it. Barnes and Noble just doesn’t have as many free or affordable books. Will the Kindle become another Nook? 

I use the Kindle app on my phone now. I like it. So I probably will use a Kindle. And this is a good deal. And I am going to Thailand. I should buy it.

After I consult with 20 of my closest friends on Facebook, of course! 

Do you think my real problem is that I’m indecisive? 😛 

Ordering off Amazon

“Look at this!” I wave the Agatha Christie mystery in my hand towards my Mom. “The book finally comes in the mail and it is ripped and bent!”

My Mom nods and says the back cover is rather bent. 

I suspect she doesn’t fully grasp my outrage. “It said on Amazon that it was in GOOD condition!”

“Is it a gift?” asks my Mom.

“Well, no.” I say. “But it is the principle of it! I paid…”

But I don’t know what I paid so I pause to check in my email. “I paid a penny for this. Plus shipping and handling. So, maybe it isn’t that big of a deal…”

*feeling sheepish*