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Sketchy Location but Amazing Food

You are walking down an alleyway. You see an apartment complex. You enter it.

It is very obviously an apartment complex where people live. You then walk up two flights of stairs. Still…a dingy apartment complex that looks vaguely like a college dorm.

You come to a door. A sign on it says “Open” but nothing else really gives it away as anything other than another apartment. 

But you walk inside…and wallah. A cafe/restaurant!

Image may contain: indoor

But not just any restaurant. We are talking home to some of the most amazing food I have ever eaten in my life.

Image may contain: food

Image may contain: food

My mouth waters just remembering. All washed down with delicious yuja tea.

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I really thought my friend was pulling my leg when she said the restaurant was located inside the building but oh! The food was so amazing it would be worth planning a trip back to Korea just to eat it!

Wrong Side (of the Apartment)

I have been blessed over the last year and an half by an abundance of kind people who give me rides places, especially people who give me rides to and from bible study. 

But I have a confession. And this is true both with my current apartment and my last one. If someone drops me off at the wrong side of the apartment complex, I won’t say anything. It feels like such a small thing. What does it matter to me if I have to walk a few extra minutes? 

But it is also such a silly thing. It would make more sense for me to have them drop me off at the correct door. Yet to do that, I would need to tell them they’ve spent the last few weeks dropping me off at the wrong place. That’s embarrassing.

It starts off so innocently. They drop me off for the first time and I gesture to the building. They pull up to the wrong door. I know my key will work anyway so I smile and wave and go inside. I could say something but it feels so extra to say, ‘no, not this door on the building. That one.’ 

So I say nothing and the next time they drop me off at the same spot. And again. And again. And by that point so much time has passed…well…to say something would be so awkward. And it is such a slight inconvenience. 

But still, a wholly unnecessary inconvenience. And I don’t know what to do about it.