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Cover Letters

I spent the morning reading resumes for my replacement at the Foundation. It was so much fun. And weird. I have been writing so many cover letters myself recently that reading ones addressed to “me” feels like a major plot twist. 

I now understand better why career services drills it into our heads that you should tailor the letter to the company (or at least research the company before writing) because I could not believe the number of letters that spoke of ‘a great love for the environment‘ or ‘desire to work towards organic sustainability.’ (Yeah, that’s not what we do. Or have ever done.) 

Mostly, though, I compare this somewhat complex hiring process to when I got hired. My hiring went something like this:

Intern Before Me: “Hey this girl Amy is cool you should hire her.”

Boss: “Okay.”

Now we are going through a formal On Campus Interview process complete with writing sample, resume, cover letter, and almost two dozen applicants. 

It kind of reminds me of how I got hired at AFP. Someone recommended someone else to hire me. Then when a position came up full time, I had a phone interview and landed myself the gig full time. 

When I left, the same position required multiple interviews and a trip to D.C. to meet with HR in person. 

It really is all about who you know. And I’ve been fortunate in the people who know me. (That said, if any of you have a lead about a legal job…I’m all ears.) 

Finding Time

Today I applied for jobs. I wrote cover letters, updated my resume, stalked employers. 

And you know what that means I didn’t do?


Vaguely I realize I need to read The Prince for class (and discussion groups!) Monday, finish giving feedback on the law review article I was assigned, track down my group-mates for the project we have Tuesday, actually do the readings for the project we have Tuesday, read for Crim Pro, and…oh yeah, I made a pact with myself at the beginnign of the semester to review my notes from each class at the end of the week so I am not re-learning everything come finals. And hey, if I had a few extra hours to put in at work this weekend, they could use it. 

And don’t I have a blog post to write…? Preferably before 11 pm? (Too late.)

But instead today I applied to jobs. And I took my sister grocery shopping. And I didn’t do laundry so at some point tomorrow I am going to need to figure that out. 

My schedule always looks so good on paper. I think to myself ‘why don’t you have more time?’ 

This is why

I forget important things like “oh yeah, I need to figure out post-grad employment.” (For the record, I’m way more calm about this than the professor I TA for, who asked me on Wednesday if I still had hope of finding a job. Eek. I hope so.)