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Nephew’s Tears

“Bwaaaaaa! Ma-ma! Bwaaaaaa!!!”

I can hear my 8-month old nephew’s sobs coming from my Mom’s phone. My sister-in-law does an incredible job updating us each day with pictures and videos of Devin. And, as he becomes more mobile and finds himself caged in, they frequently involve his attempts at escape and subsequent irritation at being prevented. 

Our reactions to his videos fall into a pattern. First, alarm. 

“Oh no! Why is he crying???” 

Then, once we realize he’s just being denied something, laughter. His sobs suddenly turn funny. They’re so cute! 

Being an aunt is so fun.


Crazy Excited Aunt Status

Me: * bursts into apartment complex leasing office * “Has anyone turned in a set of keys?”

Front desk ladies: “Nope!”

Me: “It was a long shot. I lost mine and need to catch a bus in 10 minutes but I san’t find them anywhere!”

Ladies: “We can lend you a set for the weekend.”

Me: * GASP * “Would you? You see, my nephew was just born and I want to go meet him.”

*beaming smiles all around*

Ladies: “Just one moment!”

Me: “He was over 9 pounds!”

Polite smiles. 

“And he’s the first grandchild on both sides.”

Interest visibly diminishes. 

“And there are 9 aunts and uncles! He’s going to be so loved.”

Forced smiles slip. 

“And I can’t wait to meet him but I have to catch this bus to get to the other bus stop to make it in time…”

Ladies: “Here are your keys!” 

Unspoken: Please leave now

Me: * runs around some more *

* catches bus * 

Me to bus driver: “So I’m going to go meet my nephew…”

Interest visibly diminishes.

Me: “He was just born. Over 9 pounds!”


Maybe next time I will bring pictures to show them all 😉