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A Spring Day

It has been a beautiful day. Spring is usually my least favorite season. Spring means pollen and pollen means puffy eyes, a runny nose, and never-ending headaches. Though my allergies have gotten better over the years, they still make life unpleasant. I spend March through June avoiding the outdoors whenever possible. 

That said, Spring is taking forever to get here. The past four years in Tennessee have seriously confused my internal clock. Come March, I’m expecting a pollen overdose. Instead, it snows. I’ve grown soft! 

The birds arrived several weeks ago. I know because they have taken it upon themselves to be my personal alarm clock. Usually the sight of the first robin heralds spring, but this year they seem to have come extra early. We have had some lovely blue skies and bright green grass, but the trees remain skeleton and bare. 

Today is the first day I am noticing buds on the trees; a few even have full foliage. The air is still cold and crisp but there is more color on the roads. There is an (unfortunate) increase in dandelions. I feel like Spring has finally decided to arrive in Wisconsin.

As much as it has confused me, I like this late start. I prefer the occasional last-minute snowfall to the endless rain of the South. My commute has been lovely lately. I wish I could capture it with a camera, but it is always inadequate. The sunlight brings out the colors in ways I never imagined. Spring in Wisconsin: green, gold, and blue. God truly reveals beauty in His creation.