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All. The. Books.

So, I started writing end of the year reading recaps in 2013. That year I hit 179 books. This year I hit…a few books more than that.

So much more, in fact, I have spent the past few days writing end of the year 5 and 1 star book posts. 15 of them.

I kind of feel like apologizing in advance. This blog is about to become all books all the time for two weeks straight. I’ll probably schedule them for the first two weeks of January so nothing imminent. But be warned. 

They are coming. 

Ugly Advertisements Addendum

I woke up this morning to this e-mail from WordPress:

Flash sale – today only! Save big on upgraded WordPress.com plans


Don’t miss your chance to claim
this limited-time discount.

Upgrade today and unlock these great features:

  • Use your own domain name (instead of having WordPress.com in your URL).
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Image result for coincidence I think not

But seriously, WordPress missed out. Forget all those perks. All they had to say was “no ugly advertisements” and I’d have been sold.

But they didn’t. So here we are with ugly advertisements again. 

(I remain hopeful about this site’s ability to stalk my posts and advertise accordingly. We shall see what tomorrow’s e-mails bring!) 

Ugly Advertisements

My Mom semi-frequently mentions the ugly advertisements that appear when she receives an e-mail from this blog–especially one about a worm.  I don’t see them. They come with WordPress and, I suppose quite shrewdly, WordPress doesn’t show me the advertisements when I am logged in. I might see them on other blogs I follow, but to be honest, they don’t usually make an impression on me.

But the other day I accessed my blog from a new computer and wasn’t logged in. And let me tell you, there are sooooo many ugly advertisements on this site! It was quite distracting! I understand that WordPress needs to make money but good heavens, will no one else pay to advertise? And must the advertisements be quite so close to the text? 

It made me grateful for all of you who read this blog despite the ugly advertisements. I do apologize for them. Maybe someday I will be able to afford a domain name and then (maybe?) have at least more say in advertisements? I don’t really know how that all works. 

Blogging For Work Part II

We’ve run into a bit of a backlog with consistently updating the blog at work. Thus, my main role today involved back-dating posts to reflect updates we previously sent out to our subscribers. 

The thing is, it didn’t occur to me till I was halfway through the project that I don’t follow our blog and I have no idea if everyone who does gets an e-mail when I backdate something. 

In other words, a whole bunch of people might have an inbox right now that looks something like this:

  • Foundation to file join as intervenor in case (January)
  • Foundation submits motion to join as intervenor in case (February) 
  • Foundation receives permission from Supreme Court to join as intervenor to case (March)
  • Foundation files brief as intervenor in case (April)
  • Foundation files reply brief as intervenor in case (May)
  • Update on Foundation case (June)


Update: Good news. We don’t actually have subscribers to our blog.
Bad news. Just found out we don’t actually have subscribers to our blog.

Blogging For Work

Boss: “You blog every day, right?”

Me: “Yup!”

Boss: “So you can whip a few posts up about our last case, right? Should be a breeze!”

Me: * thinks about the story of the runaway watermelon that took 5 minutes to write *

Me: * thinks about the complicated civil procedure litigation we just finished that took weeks of research *

Me: “…yeeeeeep.”

Homeward Bound

Homeward bound. My two favorite words right now! 

If you are reading this, I am (God willing) headed homeeeeeee!!!! (And possibly on an airplane at the moment squashed between strangers and trying to find a decent movie to watch so send a quick prayer for me.)

It is currently Thursday night for me and I plan to schedule this post for all y’all’s [heh heh I speak Southern] Saturday and write a post tomorrow about how I feel about leaving. Right now the answer is emotional but it is also past my bedtime so I would probably react emotionally to anything. Corn on pizza. Finding Nemo. The Great Gatsby. (This does not bode well for the remaining posts I need to write tonight.)

Anyway, for better or worse I plan to write a bunch of posts tonight about my trip to Korea which took place a few weeks ago. They should last a week or two. Meanwhile, I will be headed home and hopefully getting a head start recovering from jet lag. (Otherwise, expect a post or five centered around me whining about being tired.) I apologize in advance for any grammar and spelling errors. I did not plan this out particularly well (but uploading photos to Facebook took longer than expected.)

Depending how many posts I eek out of my five days in Korea and how motivated I feel tonight, I might upload a few book reviews to buy myself a few more days of recovery. We shall see! (I clearly like to live life on the wild side.) 

See you all from the glorious U.S. of A.! 

(Sneak peek of my Korea trip…)

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300 Subscribers!

The last time I wrote a post about hitting a certain number of subscribers to my blog, three people promptly unfollowed it and I dropped below the number I was celebrating! 

But I really do want to say thank you to everyone who reads my blog. A post a day is no small thing, especially for those who get it straight to your inbox. I want you to know I appreciate you all. As much as I try and blog for myself and not pay too much attention to likes or readers, having you all around makes the process 100% more fun. 

I hope you all are having a great week!